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Seeking BDT customers for SAP Screen Personas beta program

If you are not an SAP Banking or Insurance customer that relies on the BDT (business data toolset) module, read no further. If you do use BDT, until now, you have not been able to also run SAP Screen Personas to simplify your screens. The new beta program will allow you to test our new functionality that brings SAP Screen Personas personalization to the BDT modules.


Why are BDT screens a challenge for SAP Screen Personas?

The reason is that BDT screens are dynamically generated, so SAP Screen Personas cannot use the screen IDs for storing metadata about each control that appears (or is hidden) on the screen.

  • The ID of the controls are governed by a set of customizing rules in BDT applications.
  • The IDs may change after each generation on the same system.
  • The IDs may change after transport to another system.
  • SAP Screen Personas does not know the algorithm which controls the screen generation. The flavor editor records the ID at the time of the selection only.
  • When the BDT screen are re-generated and IDs have changed, the existing flavor cannot find the match and therefore cannot apply screen layout or format changes.



To bypass this limitation, we have created a BDT conversion tool to identify and fix the mismatch of the IDs being recorded in the flavor against the current screen. When a given flavor is activated and the tools is run against the flavor, the tool detects the control IDs that cannot be found on the screen and intelligently proposes new IDs. We use two algorithms to do this.

  1. 1. SuggestionByControlTitle
    • This rule assumes that the title (the last part) of the control ID is correct.
    • The tool searches RESTGUI for the controls that match the title.
    • The tool calculates a confidence score based on the number of matches.
    1. 2. SuggestionByControlType
      • This rule assumes that the first part of the control ID is correct, but the title was changed.
      • The tool searches RESTGUI for the controls that match the first part of the control ID.
      • The tool calculates a confidence score based on the number of matches.

The system applies both rules and presents the match with the highest confidence score as a suggestion.


The SAP Screen Personas for BDT Beta Program

While we have tested this solution on our internal systems, we want to make sure it applied to a broad range of scenarios in the real world. So, we are seeking several customers that would like to try SAP Screen Personas to personalize their BDT screens. Why would you want to do this?

  1. Gain early access to SAP Screen Personas for BDT
  2. Have an opportunity to influence the product direction
  3. Identify new features to expand the capability of the tool
  4. Validate stability and effectiveness for the tool to be rolled out to other customers
  5. Improve usability of the tool


System requirements

  • SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP03 or SP04
  • Kernel Release 7.42 PL401 or 7.45 PL301
  • Refer also to note 2295995


Next steps

  1. Identify a key scenario to get started with SAP Screen Personas
  2. Identify BDT screens to be used with the BDT Conversion tool
  3. Assess the complexity of the BDT screens – assess the various way in which the ID can be changed during screen generation
  4. Contact Ashley Tung (standard SAP email format – for more information or to get started

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