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How to create an Advanced Search Filter in Custom OWL screen using SADL query.

The purpose of this document to explain the creation of advanced search options/filters for custom solution.

Advance filters are used to filter the data based on the value entered in the filter fields, here we are replication the standard functionality in our custom solution.

Thanks to my colleagues Deepak Singhal, bhupinder sharma,Vaibhav Kwatra, Atul Malhotra as they have helped and contributed in preparation of this document.

Firstly create a custom BO with required fields and screens.

1. Open the OWL screen in the UI designer and create a new SADL query from the controller tab.


2. All the elements of the BO will be displayed here, select the desired elements from the element list. Only selected elements can be added to our advance filter.


3. Open DataModel tab, the selected elements in the previous step will start appearing in the data model under SearchParamaters2 data structure.


4. Go to designer tab and click on Advanced button to create the find forms for the owl screen.


Click on yes


5. A find form pane will appear, here the the filter fields will be added.


6. Drag and drop the fields from data structure SearchParameters2 to the find from pane.



7. From properties of OWL screen select FindForms and then select SearchTextBinding and bind it with SearchText data field of SearchParameters2 data structure.



8. From properties of OWL screen select the Default DefaultSet option and set it’s value to the defaultset of the SADL query, here “DefaultSet1” is the defaultset of our SADL query.



9. Save and activate the screen. The preview of the advance form will be like:


Here you can enter the desired data on whose basis the records will be filtered.

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  • HI Jayant,

    I am following the same to create advanced search filter in custom OVS. 7th step is not clear to me. while activation it it show the below error





    • Hi Deepika,

      As I can see from your screenshot that you have selected AdvancedListPane in the properties drop-down. What you can do is select AdvancedListPane : ObjectWorkList from the properties drop-down & click on "FindForms" from the properties and then follow the 7th step.

      If you are still unclear feel free to ask.



  • Hi Jayant,

    I was trying to add advanced filter option in custom OVS as well. It is showing the filter options but my OVS values are not coming. Without adding the advanced filter the OVS was working fine.

    Please let me know if there is any solution to this.



  • Hi Jayant,


    I am trying to use the advanced search in advanced list pane in an embedded component. I am able to use the advanced search parameter but my basic search is not working. In EC I am not getting the option to add SADL Query so the  search text is not available in the query. Please let me know how do I use the basic query.

  • Let me enhance this guide:

    Between Step 5 and 6, make sure you meet the following prerequisites:

    Use the correct Default Set your SADL Query just generated for you, a Default Set is a new entry in the combobox on the upper left corner. To do this, you have to go to the properties Tab of the OWL, and add the new Default Set to the Default Set mapping.

    After that, select on your combobox html element the new created set, and then you are able to add the fields to the FindFormPane.

  • Hello Jayant,

    In Step 9, in the image, the “Save Query” and “Organise Queries” buttons (as can be seen in Step 5) are not visible – how can we include these in the OVS?



      • Hello Peter Krieger ,

        It is possible to make “Save Query” and “Organize Queries” visible on custom screens.

        To achieve that you have to create anchors for the custom screen components (especially in the find form component). Once the anchors are created the “Save Query” and “Organize Queries” will be visible.