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How to adapt the sales quote output form including external pricing

If external pricing is used, the sales quote printing of price elements using the standard output forms need to be adapted for Net Price and Net Value printing. The SAP form template SalesQuote (and SalesQuoteDemo) are optimized for quotes using internal pricing.

In the quote form output message, the message node item PriceAndTax contains elements NetAmount/NetPrice (Net Value) and AdjustedNetAmount/AdjustedNetPrice (Adjusted Net Value), for example:



<NetAmount currencyCode=” “>0.0</NetAmount>


<Amount currencyCode=” “>0.0</Amount>




<AdjustedNetAmount currencyCode=”EUR“>1602.00</AdjustedNetAmount>


<Amount currencyCode=”EUR“>80.10</Amount>

<BaseQuantity unitCode=”EA“>1.0</BaseQuantity>







For sales quotes using internal pricing, the NetAmount and NetPrice are populated in the output message. For quotes using external pricing, the AdjustedNetAmount and AdjustedNetPrice are populated in the output message. The difference between Adjusted Net Values and Net Values is that the Adjusted Net Values includes the header price conditions (such as overall discounts or overall surcharges) into the net price calculation whereas the Net Value only considers item price conditions.

If the standard SAP form templates are used for a quote with external pricing, the NetAmount/NetPrice on the item level will be printed with zero (0). To solve this issue, change the binding to AdjustedNetAmount and AdjustedNetPrice. This workaround is OK for some use cases, however, it may lead to confusion if not all relevant price conditions are part of the printout and as a result, the printed Net Price and Net Value cannot be derived directly from the printed price conditions.

Note: For quotes using external pricing, the information which price elements should be printed, originates directly from the customizing of the external SAP ERP or SAP CRM system.

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