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Forwarding Applications in Recruiting Management

Often times I across this requirement where recruiters say the application they forwarded to a requisition resulted in some data being overwritten. Having gone through various content – queries, incidents, JIRA, customer community portal – I think it is prudent to share what I have found so far.

The Scenario

Here is a depiction of what users think is happening:

Step 1 – Candidate applies to Requisition 1



Step 2 – The same candidate applies to Requisition 2



Step 3 – Recruiter views the candidate profile and decides to forward it to a new requisition – Requisition 3.


The system forwards data from the latest application – in this case, Application 2 – instead of forwarding from Application 1.

Why is this important?

If there is data that can change per application, this would mean the recruiters are unknowingly forwarding data that is not relevant for the target requisition. This scenario has been highlighted by many customers and you can find one example here.

What is actually happening?

In my discussions with Engineering, what came out clearly is this – RCM doesn’t forward applications. Rather, it forwards candidates.

Logic says that if this is the case, the data from the candidate profile, which is mostly static through the candidate lifecycle, must be forwarded. How come the data gets updated when viewed in the application for the target requisition then?

Note that all this while, there is no application created for the target requisition – Requisition 3 in our example. Its just the candidate profile that has been forwarded to the target requisition. Therefore, when the candidate is invited to apply, s/he may choose picklist values that seem to “overwrite” the previously selected values.

In fact, what is happening is the candidate is choosing options from picklists on the application and since s/he is free to choose any value for every application, it appears that the data is being overwritten. Look at the graphic above – the candidate can choose any values in the picklist fields for each of his/ her applications.

What is the solution to this?

As a result of my discussions with Engineering and Product Management, an enhancement request has been created: RCM-33566. The idea is to allow recruiters to select which of the candidate’s applications is to be forwarded. At the moment, there is no timeline set but if you have access to JIRA, you might want to watch this one for updates. For those that don’t have access to JIRA, have a look at this idea from the customer community portal.

As a workaround, you can insert the fields in the Candidate Profile instead of in the application. This way, when a candidate gets forwarded, the data remains intact, unless the candidate has changed it. Candidates generally do not change data in the Candidate Profile often, so this can be a safe bet, though not foolproof.

To preserve the data in the application, you can hide them instead of removing them altogether.

In my example, I had two fields that I created as background elements in the Candidate Profile, as follows:

The candidate can also specify which requisition s/he is providing data against, as in my case, the data was supposed to be requisition-specific – which is why it was on the application and not in the Candidate Profile in the first place!


The notion that the system forwards data from the latest application is incorrect. The system only forwards candidates. Application data (in addition to data flowing from the candidate profile into the application) comes from what the candidate has input while applying.

I welcome any thoughts around this – workaround, technical inputs – anything you would want to share on this topic.

You can also find this write-up here, on SAP JAM.

With significant contributions from Sandhya Dominic, Sebastien Giorgi and Bart de Boer.

Coming up….what about Late Stage Application?

Even though Late Stage Application provides for an option to forward candidates with application data intact, the application data itself is populated from the current candidate profile.

Quoting from the handbook (updated May, 2016):


This quote leads one to ask:

  • When moving candidates from Forwarded to Default, which previous application is being talked about here?
  • When adding a candidate directly to Default status, if a candidate doesn’t have any previous applications, how does the system react?

I will be updating this write-up once I have enough and accurate information on this scenario. Of course, I welcome thoughts from readers.

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