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Using Model Rule Editor to create custom rules in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

This is a Beta Feature developed in 1608

Lets take an example business scenario “For Opportunities with value greater than 20 Million, User should read the Terms and Conditions and Accept the Same and Additional Fields should be made available like Executive Sponsor Name”

The video explains how this use case can be achieved.  Please refer the Video Introduction to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Rule Editor to understand How to use the Rule Editor.

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  • Hi,

    I checked it in 2 tenants upgraded to 1608, and in master layout mode, on custom fields I do not see this link to Rule.

    Should I turn on anything to have it?

  • Hi Ankan,

    i don’t understand the custom rule.

    I would like to set the property of a street name to uppercase. The “code” is:


    The preview shows me the value in uppercase but in the end nothing changed.

    The description of the uppercase function says: “This function should convert to uppercase”.

    Is that not possible or a bug in SAP C4C?



    • Hi Michael,

      The property you can change are Read-only, Mandatory, Visible. The functions like TOUPPER() is used to convert the value string to upper case and comparison.  The functions will not effect the value of the fields.