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Author's profile photo Josef Ehbauer

Embed Factsheets of SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud into Cloud for Customer (C4C)

This blog was originally posted in July 2016. The information published is not current anymore, because meanwhile a standard solution for embedding the contact factsheet into Cloud for Customer is available.

As published it is possible embed the Hybris Marketing Contact and Corporate Account Factsheet into the C4C Factsheet for Contacts or Customers in SAP Hybris Marketing on-premise Scenarios. In addition it is now also possible to embed the Fact Sheets for an SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud deployment. However in this case one has to use URL-MashUp instead HTML-MashUp in order to open the Hybris Marketing Cloud Factsheet in a separate Browser Tab/Window.

In order to do so follow also the steps which are described in the SCN Document, but deviating from that consider the following differences in the implementation:


  • In step 3 “Creating a new Mashup in your C4C System” use a MashUp of Type URL for the definition. It has to look as follows




  • Instead step 8 apply “Enable the URL MashUp”  as follows
    • Position Cursor within the Default Section
    • Select the corresponding URL-Mashup from the list:
      • If the Contact or Individual Customer Factsheet shall be enhanced, select the Mashup which has been defined for the Hybris Marketing Contact
      • In case the Account Factsheet shall be enhanced, select the Mashup which has been defined for the Hybris Marketing Corporate Account
    • Mark the mashup as visible
    • Apply the Mashup.


When opening the C4C Factsheet it will look as follows:



Finally one has to define the needed access for the Sales Representatives to Hybris Marketing Cloud:

Therefore logon to the Marketing Cloud System as Administrator to access Identity and Access Management”. Open the App “Maintain Business Roles”.

Use the Business Role Template SAP_BR_SALES_REP_MKT_INFO to define the needed Business Role for access to the Marketing System by means of the business catalog SAP_CEC_BC_MKT_CFS. Finally assign the Business Role to the Business User, which have been defined for the Sales Representatives.

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      Author's profile photo Chris Helm
      Chris Helm

      hi Josef,

      Thanks for putting this together.  I have a question:  how can we embed or create the URL pointer to yMkt during the lead account/contact preparation status meaning it is just a suspect lead and sales has not yet qualified the lead?  The C4C BP ID may be assigned on the backend yet it is not visible to users and in the mashup authoring tool, you cannot get the account or contact internal ID from the productivity & tools mashup category and available port bindings.  One big seller for yMkt is that sales can finally get that 360 view of the account/contact however, if they cannot access it from the context of a suspect lead, adoption of the Marketing Cloud is going to be very poor.




      Author's profile photo Josef Ehbauer
      Josef Ehbauer
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Chris,

      sorry, I do not have an idea for your request and also do not see any relation to the blog, kindly can you create an idea in the customer influence portal for that request?


      Thanks, Josef

      Author's profile photo Joyca Vervinckt
      Joyca Vervinckt

      Hi Josef Ehbauer

      Thank you for this nice blog!

      Is this still an applicable scenario for the 1902 versions of Sales and Marketing cloud?


      Joyca Vervinckt

      Author's profile photo Josef Ehbauer
      Josef Ehbauer
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Joyca,

      since we will deprecate the old contact factsheet in the near future, it is actually not advisible to apply this blog in a MKT implementation which is started with 1902 release.

      Regards, Josef

      Author's profile photo Joyca Vervinckt
      Joyca Vervinckt

      Hi Josef Ehbauer ,

      and if we use the new url;


      would it work?

      I meanwhile noticed this blog specifies “url mashup” so would not embed the factsheet within Sales Cloud, but just have a url pointing to Marketing Cloud?

      Is there in 1902 any possibility to see a Contact or Account’s Interest Cloud within Sales Cloud like with the mashup, without needing to click through to Marketing Cloud?



      Author's profile photo Josef Ehbauer
      Josef Ehbauer
      Blog Post Author


      external navigation to the Contact Factsheet and Spotlighting Accounts is possible via intent '#MarketingContact-displayFactSheet'.

      The URL has to look like this:

      If you have ID and OriginID:

      Or, if you have the internal UUID of the obejct:

      It should work for both URL Mashup (=Link) and HTML Mashup (=iFRame).

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Rishabh Nigam
      Rishabh Nigam


      Hi Josef Ehbauer ,

      Thank you for the blog.

      I have one issue. I have to create/embed a hyperlink custom field in the corporate account's "additional data" tab in SAP Marketing (on-premise) which on clicking navigates to other corporate account.(For eg- in a scenario where there is a hierarchy of corporate accounts- grandparent level, parent level, child level and from the Parent corporate account's additional data, I'll be able to navigate to its grandparent and child corporate account). There is no custom field type of url/hyperlink in custom fields and logic.

      Could you help me how to go about the same?



      Rishabh Nigam