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From WebIDE to ABAP Server

     First of all, hello guys,

    This is my first blog post, so I`m prepared to take some hits from your side.

     Soooo..I said: “I will write a blog post on SCN, but which subject should I choose?” Hard decision. OK, I know, I will choose a random topic 😉


      Short story: one year ago, I started to play around with this UI5 new stuff. Like every new guy in domain, I started with codecademy, w3school, “Getting Started with UI5” book, OpenSAP and so on. After a short period of time, the moment has come, and “voila”.. my first UI5 project( responsible for backend + frontend ).

     Ok… What IDE to use for the frontend ?


      For the first prototype, Perfect! WebIDE, ofcourse, why not? (I heard about this IDE from OpenSAP and also from … maybe this is a good way to say many thanks again to Florian Pffefer  who had a very nice presentation of the topic “WebIDE” at the IT Conference that was held in Cluj, Romania, in September 2015.)

      Ok , after a few weeks the first prototype was ready, and we said OK, what to do with it? Where should we put it?I know, I know..first…Fiori Launchpad from HCP. Easy->done. Yes, but, but.. it would be nice to have it on premise. Ok . Let`s do also that.  How ? search on SCN -> how to deploy on ABAP server. Not so many info`s back then.

     Before I start my “tutorial”, I will not repeat myself about some stuff. You can find a lot of info’s like how to create an app on WebIDE, how to set up a connection between WEbIDE and the premise system(with HCC), on what button you should click in order to deploy the app, how to set up the launchpad on premise systems( maybe you will need to involve also your basis guys, but not mandatory) and so on.

     Be aware, words before “deploy on ABAP server”: don`t do the same mistakes like me!  Check the version of UI5 which was used for app, and the version of UI5 Component( don`t know if this is the correct word for it) installed on your premise system. ( to check the version from premise system: http://<host><domain><port>/sap/public/bc/ui5_ui5/index.html ) and make sure that is ok.

     So: let`s start. ( In this step the app is already located in the premise system )

    • Create a launchpad role: : transaction LPD_CUST .
      • Create a new application inside of this role with:

                         Application Parameter URL : /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/<>/webapp  (if you don`t know, URI can be found in manifest.json, the last 2 lines )

                         Additional Information:  SAPUI5.Component=<appcomponent>.

    • Create a new custom semantic object. transaction : /UI2/SEMOBJ
      • Example: semantic Object = <yourname> ; Sematic Object name = <yourname > ; Semantic Object Description: < your desc>.


    • Create  a new catalog + tile + target mapping
      • To create a new catalog 
        • you will need to use a “tool” called “Launchpad Designer”. To access this … link:


        • To create a new catalog you will see a nice + button(new catalog), just put a related name + description -> catalog created.
    • Create a Tile within your catalog: ( hehe, happy us, now we will use our new created semantic object ).
        • Again you will use the + button ( this time, + Tile) . You will have to add some information’s like titles, descriptions and in the “Navigation” part use your newly created semantic object and the action.


    • Create a  Target Mapping ( now we will make use also of the created Launchpad role)
        • Click on  + CreateTarget Mapping. An empty one will appear. Click on it and add info`s like: Semantic Object, Action , Launchpad Role details, and so on.


    • Last step(or I hope/think so) create  a group.
        • Go to Groups in the navigation panel. You will see a nice + button again 🙂 .Create a new group: Add a Title and ID.  After that add your catalog to this newly created group.

    • OK .. but now, Fiori..bla bla..something with user roles..No? .. so let`s create a new user role for this app.
        • Transaction PFCG-> create single role -> add some description -> Click on Menu Tab ->

                                                                 a) click on + Transaction -> Choose Catalog ID -> your own

                                                                 b) click on + Catalog -> Choose Group

        • Save role.
        • Add role to your user + others.

     A nice post: Understanding launchpad object relationship with screenshots

     Aaa..I forgot about this small detail : https://<host>.<domain>:<port>/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/Fiorilaunchpad.html?sap-client=<client>&sap-language=EN , to acces the Launchpad.

     Have fun,


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