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Agentry Performance issue general checklist

If you are facing a performance issue on Agentry products with SAP backend system, you may find the checklist below very helpful for you to start the analysis.


  • Sizing Guide Verification

        Check the SMP and Agentry Application Sizing Guide  ref1, ref2, ref3

  • Online Mode – Message log Checking

        1) Break down transaction time and payload by message type in message.log ref4

        2) Find out if there is performance delay on Agentry Client or Agentry/SMP Server

  • Online Mode – Agentry Add-on Delay Checking

        1) Get the timestamp identified in the previous message log analysis step

        2) Check all the BAPI transmit action from this timestamp in SMP server log and filter out the BAPI functions with

        most time consumed

        3) Find out if there is performance delay on Agentry Add-on part







Reference Link:

If you find any other new checkpoint regarding the performance on Agentry product, please feel free to let me know.

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