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The price in MIRO when Price Control Category is 5

When you set Price Control Category to 5 in Info Record, and it is copied to Purchase Order. With reference to
this Purchase Order, you posted Goods Receipt. Now you would like to post Invoice, but what is the price in
T-code MIRO? Is it always as per GR date?

Sometimes, you may find the answer is “No“.

Why? Doesn’t Price Control Category work?

Actually, if you want to use the price as per GR date in T-code MIRO, there are three preconditions need to be

1. ‘GR_Based_IV’ flag is set.
2. Price Control Category (EKPO-MEPRF) is set to 5.
3. no manual change occurs on PO net price

If you have changed the PO net price manually, system will change the price control category from 5 to 4 automatically.

Then in MIRO, it will use the PO net price instead.

If the customizings above are all correct, but still you found the price in MIRO is taken from PO net price, you may
want to check if Note 1789193 is missing from your system.

Also there is more useful information in SAP Online Help.

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  • The initial paragraph can be understood like" If you maintain the price control 5 in info record then MIRO will never use the price at GR date" , from my point of view unluckily phrased.

  • Hi sir thanks for sharing the knowledge i have tested the your suggestion by keeping the GR date info record as 5 it worked normally can you please advice us how it will help?

    • Hi Hidyath,

      Can you please share more details about your scenario?
      Have you filfilled all the preconditions?
      What does the behavior mean by "work normally"?
      Let me try if I can help you 🙂

      Best regards,

  • Hi Yang Bai ,

    I have a question about pricing date control. I did these steps , but i get error message when i post good receipt.

    1- Vendor have price control category 5 (good receipt) .

    2- I created PO referance a contract type WK (4600000001) . However, i created a new contract for a new date range (4600000002).

    3 - I tried good receipt that posting date met 4600000002 so i get error this message because of referance PO have different contract.

    How can i manage this process ? I manage it same contract with new validity period that i know. But purchasing department manage their business with new contract.

    Is there any way to read new contract pricing on validity date ?


    M.Ozgur Unal