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Configure Fiori News app

  1. Goto tcode SE24 and create a new class and a provide an  interface IF_HTTP_EXTENSION.
  2. Copy and paste the following code in the method IF_HTTP_EXTENSION~HANDLE_REQUEST (without error handling).

data lv_url type string value ''.
data lo_http type ref to if_http_client.
    call method cl_http_client=>create_by_url
        url                = lv_url
        client             = lo_http
        argument_not_found = 1
        plugin_not_active  = 2
        internal_error     = 3
        others             = 4.
    if sy-subrc = 0.
      call method lo_http->send
          http_communication_failure = 1
          http_invalid_state         = 2
          http_processing_failed     = 3
          http_invalid_timeout       = 4
          others                     = 5.
      if sy-subrc <> 0.
* Implement suitable error handling here
      call method lo_http->receive
          http_communication_failure = 1
          http_invalid_state         = 2
          http_processing_failed     = 3
          others                     = 4.
      if sy-subrc = 0.
* set response status
        code = 200
        reason = 'OK').
* set content type
        content_type = 'application/xml; charset=utf-8').
* set response data
        lo_http->response->get_data( ) ).

   3. Change the url if you have any other.

   4. Check and activate the class.

   5. Goto tcode SICF, create a node for eg. news.

  6. Open the node and give the class in the handler tab.

    7. Activate the node.

    8. Check the URL in the browser http://:<host>:<port>/news.

   9. Goto Fiori admin and select catalog /UI2/SAPNewsTile

  10. Provide the URL in the tile.

  11. Create a group and assign this app .

  12. Now run the Fiori Launchpad.

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  • Hi Matthew,

    Great work, one thing if we have dispatched placed on the gateway then it is giving error “No article to display” any idea. I tried in the embedded it worked.

    • Hi Ravi

      Yo have to check that, the link that you provide in the app( fiori admin) should have the same domain that of your fiori launchpad.


  • December 18, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    Hi ,

    I am trying to expose same external url as internal url and have followed the steps as in blog, but not getting expected result. The sicf output is coming blank page .

    Can you help with steps you have followed as i can see the blog is 2 yrs old and many things have changed.

    I am on S/4Hana 1709 FPS02.

    Please let me know if any information needed from my end.



    • rakesh singh – I am facing the same issue, Hoe you overcome with this issue ?

      Please suggest, I am having the same Backend system and Getting the Same blank page while calling SICF Service.


      Please suggest.



      Vikas Garg


      • Hi Vikas,

        The issue is with the syntax of abap logic inside class method “IF_HTTP_EXTENSION~HANDLE_REQUEST “.

        As per changes in abap syntax take help of an abaper and replace tilted single quote ‘ with proper single straight single quote ‘ .

        With above changes it should work provided others steps you have followed properly.