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MobiLink with SAP IQ consolidated database 1/2

The MobiLink server supports SAP Sybase IQ consolidated database.

Now I build simple MobiLink environment with a SAP IQ consolidated database.

In this case, there are 2 machines, one is for IQ environment and another is for MobiLink environment.

Product Version:

     SQL Anywhere Version – 17.0 SP0 PL8 Build 2053
     SAP IQ – 16.0 SP11

This Blog is 1 of 2.

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1. IQ consolidated database

There is a demo database in a IQ environment.
If you don’t have yet, you can create it by mkiqdemo.bat file.

And after create it, you can start IQ demo database by start_iq command as follows.


First, you need to create RLV Store for Row-Level Versioning.

Pleas see next.

   SAP IQ consolidated database

      SAP IQ considerations

          With row-level versioning

You can log in to demo database by Interactive SQL.
When you log in to demo database, you don’t need enter Server name and Database name if you are on local machine.
At this time, you can use Connect to a running database on this computer as follows.


And you can create RLV dbspace by next command.

      create dbspace RLVStore1 using file RLVFile1 ‘’ size 1000 IQ RLV STORE;

And set SNAPSHOT_VERSIONING option to Row-level.

      set option PUBLIC.SNAPSHOT_VERSIONING=’Row-level’;

2.Create table and insert data

After create dbspace, you need to create table on RLV Store, and insert data into the table.

When you use enable RLV STORE option in create table statement, that table is created in a RLV Store.


After that, log out from Interactive SQL.

3. Create MobiLink project

Next, move to MobiLink environment.

Add SAP IQ ODBC Driver DSN entry on the ODBC Data Source Administrator as follows.


If you don’t know Server name(IQ Server name) and Port number, you can find from IQ console window as follows.03.3.IQconsole.png

Next, start SQL Central.
And click MobiLink17 and right click on the right pane, and click New -> Project.


Then, start Create Project Wizard as follows.


You can follow the wizard.

For example,


     What do you want to name the new project ?  -> mliq_project

     Where do you want to save the new project ? -> c:\mliq

  2.Specify a Consolidated Database

     Database display name: mliq_consdb

     Connection string: You created IQ ODBC DSN

   3.New Remote Database Schema

     Which consolidated database tables and columns do you want to have in your remote database?

     check you created IQ table name.
     In this case, mltest1

   4.Specify a Remote Schema Name

     Add a remote schema name to the project ã‚’check

     What do you want to name the new remote schema name? -> sync_mliq

   5.Specify a Remote Database Type

     Which type of remote database do you want to use? -> SQL Anywhere

   After that, if you don’t load MobiLink system tables yet, you get next dialog box.

     The connected database does not have version ‘17.0’ of the MobiLink system setup

     installed under the owner ‘DBA’.

     Do you want to install it now?

  After click Yes, start load MobiLink system tables.

After that, move to SQL Central Synchronization Models screen.


Click Deploy button.


Start the Deploy Synchronization Model Wizard.


You can follow the wizard.

For example,


       Select the folder to contain files generated by the wizard. : C:\mliq\mliq_project\sync_mliq_deploy

  2.Client Network Options

       Protocol : TCP/IP

       Host : localhost

       Port : 2439

  3.MobiLink User and Password

     What MobiLink user and password do you want to use?

     click   Use these:

     MobiLink user : u1

     MobiLink password : u1

     click   Register this user in the consolidated database. Registerd users are permitted to synchronize.

  4.Synchronization Profile
      Synchronization profile name : sync_mliq_u1

      Additional client synchronization options : N/A

  5.Choose How To Prepare Database For Synchronization

       What do you want to do with the SQL script created to prepare the consolidated database for synchronization?

            -> Execute against consolidated database

      What do you want to do with the SQL script created to prepare the remote database for synchronization?

           -> Execute against a new remote database

      Enter a user ID and password for the initial remote database user.

         User ID: dba

         Password: sqlsql

         Retype Password : sqlsql

Next, Generating Deployment Files dialog box popped up.
Click close button.

  6.Review Your Choices

     click -> Finish


And Generating Deployment Files dialog box popped up again.
Click close button.


And back to Synchronization Models window.

Deployment date changed.


Preparation completion.

Next :  MobiLink with SAP IQ consolidated database – 2/2

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