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Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas

SAP User Group SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Roadmap Recap

This was a webcast hosted by the SAP User Group today.  The usual legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.  These are my rough notes as I heard them.


Source: SAP


Source: SAP Figure 1

Integrated to BI Platform

Leverage authorizations from BW/BI platform

Leverage performance, reliability

Future will leverage commentary on platform

Interop w/ Analysis Office


Figure 2: Source: SAP

BI platform is major investment going forward


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Generic analysis template enhancements


Figure 4: Source: SAP

On this slide, interoperability was discussed, with one file format on the BI Platform


Figure 5: Source: SAP

This is the “marketecture” slide

Discovery – business user uses for self service

Use combined server add-on

Use Design Studio  runtime for online BW access

Discovery – Lumira users can use Design Studio runtime to go directly to BW system to do ad-hoc self service analysis

BICS – access to OLAP functionalities with Discovery client, connect directly to BW, currency conversions, select hierarchies

Designer is Eclipse-based

Velocity engine – acquire BW data, as DS user access “in memory” but not always need online data

Replicate data to velocity engine to use for reporting

One data format is saved on BI platform

Information Consumer can access


Figure 6: Source: SAP

Design Studio has online connectivity to BW

Lumira has online data prep

Both clients benefit

Design Studio SDK, Lumira SDK, will work with Lumira 2.x releases


Figure 7: Source: SAP

How upgrade to Lumira 2.0

Lumira 2.0 run time is really a Design Studio run time

Design Studio – system upgrade

Design Studio 1.6 existing app still run in 2.x

Can still edit with Lumira 2.0 designer client and save in 1.6 format

If create new project 2.0, then use 2.0 format

2.0 is the new Fiori component, interact with discovery client

New 2.0 features – infocharts, responsive layout, new bookmark concept, reusability

A way to do content conversion

Most will be automatic; some manual effort will be expected (CSS style sheets for example)

System upgrade and content conversion are independent of each other

Decide when you want to convert to 2.0 format


Figure 8: Source: SAP

2.0 not provide NW/HANA add-on

Only BI platform add-on will be provided with 2.0

Need to use http based connector

Only the 64 bit client delivered


Figure 9: Source: SAP

Visualize and Compose will be 1 room

Expected rampup is Q4


Figure 10: Source: SAP

More robust bookmark

PDF Enhancements


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      Author's profile photo Michael Hamm
      Michael Hamm

      Hi Tammy,

      thank you for the recap. I am a little worried about the UI5.M mode i hope SAP will enhance this library with 2.0 that it delivers the same functionality like with the old framework.



      Author's profile photo Mustafa Bensan
      Mustafa Bensan

      Hi Michael,

      Which functionality from the "old framework" are you specifically concerned about?



      Author's profile photo Michael Hamm
      Michael Hamm

      Hi Mustafa,

      just today we updated to 1.6 SP2 P1 and saw that there are already some enhancements for the m-mode. 🙂

      Still missing for us:

      - Position of Message Windows

      - Filter Line

      - Navigation Panel not possible to pause refresh

      - Infochart not possible to put the measures in the rows/X-axis

      - Fragment gallery



      Author's profile photo Mustafa Bensan
      Mustafa Bensan

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the feedback.  Agreed, the Fragment Gallery (along with Split Cell Container) is an important missing component.  I guess the new M Mode Filter Bar is the closest equivalent to the Filter Line.

      Hopefully we'll see further parity improvements in the next release.



      Author's profile photo Mustafa Bensan
      Mustafa Bensan

      Hi Tammy,

      Thanks for another informative summary.  I have a couple of questions:

      1)  Figure 10 specifies "Data acquisition and manipulation on browser" in the Future Direction section.  Was there any further elaboration about what this means?  I thought we already had this functionality in Design Studio with the combination of the Filter Panel, Navigation Panel and Backend Connection components where a user can pick ("acquire") their own data source with the data browser and then manipulate with the Filter Panel and Navigation Panel;

      2)  Figure 3 specifies support for "Cascading Filter for Universe as a Data Source" in DS SP02.  Going by the discussions on the SCN there seems to be numerous issues with implementing this new feature.  Was there any discussion, or references to documentation about the correct was to implement the new cascading filter support for universe data sources in Design Studio?



      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Mustafa - thank you for reading

      By the time the speaker got to Figure 10 time was running out so I don't have any details on this.  When the recording is available I will listen again and update this if there are more details.

      Regarding Figure 3, as the webcast started late, there wasn't any time for question and answer.


      Author's profile photo Mustafa Bensan
      Mustafa Bensan

      Thanks Tammy.