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July 18 SAP Community Calls: Q&A – How are SAP Mentors Chosen?

You may have read my SAP Mentors Wanted – Nominate today! post. Ever wonder how SAP Mentors are chosen? Here’s your chance to ask members of the SAP Mentors Advisory Board (they’re the ones who select new Mentors). This will be a very informal Q&A session where we’ll do our best to answer any of your questions about becoming a SAP Mentor.

If you’re unable to join the call and have questions to ask, please post your question in the Comments section below, and our call host will ask these questions on your behalf. You and others can catch up afterwards with the call recording.

Please join our SAP Community Call, where SAP Mentors and teams from SAP share their expertise and knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

Topic:         Q&A Session (How SAP Mentors are Chosen?)

Our Knowledgeable Speakers:

Super-duper Host: Robin van het Hof

Date:  Monday, July 18th, 2016. 

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM Pacific; 4:00-5:00 PM Eastern; 10:00 – 11:00 PM CET (Germany)


  1. None – Please come with questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Please open the iCalendar file attached, and save it to your calendar.


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A list of past and upcoming SAP Community Calls can be found here.

To join the call:

Participant Passcode: 761 354 6597

Germany 0800 588 9331  tel:08005889331,,,7613546597# 
UK 0800 368 0635  tel:08003680635,,,7613546597# 
US and Canada 1-866-312-7353 tel:+18663127353,,,7613546597#

For all other countries, please see the meeting request attached

The SAP Community Calls (known previously as “Mentor Monday Webinar Series”) is a part of the SAP Mentors Program, and hosted by SAP Mentors, to share relevant and interesting SAP topics and knowledge with all SAP community members. Learn more about SAP Mentors in this video.

In case of any questions please contact

Follow SAP Mentors Program on Twitter @SAPMentors

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      Author's profile photo Jason Cao
      Jason Cao
      Blog Post Author

      Please post your questions here if you're unable to join the call and ask your questions directly. We'll do our best to answer your questions, so you can listen to them on the replay. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Gungor Ozcelebi
      Gungor Ozcelebi

      Hi Jason,

      I wish I could join but can't this time, but I am happy to ask the first question

      What about Desirable regions and area of expertise that were announced in the last selection, are they still a criteria for the next one.

      Author's profile photo Jason Cao
      Jason Cao
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Gungor, thanks for your question! Yes, the regions and areas of expertise announced in the last selection are still valid this round. Regions such as South East Asia and parts of Latin America, Europe and Africa are under-represented, Business network topics such as Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass, and Hybris are no longer new to the SAP ecosystem, yet are still under-represented. That said, it does take time to integrate communities and so I expect filling gaps in these areas will take some time. More was discussed in the call, so please feel free to listen to the recording.

      Author's profile photo Sergio Guerrero
      Sergio Guerrero

      Hi Jason, I couldn't attend either due to current work ... what is the limit on the number of selected new mentors on each time this happens?  are you still basing the selection on scn participation? is the criteria to participate on both the new beta scn as well as the current scn? i am a little confused on this and would like to know where to focus my attention

      Author's profile photo Matt Fraser
      Matt Fraser

      Hi Sergio,

      You missed a lively call! There was no mention of participating in beta SCN. Overall SCN participation is a factor, but it's not the only factor. It's one thing (and perhaps the easiest thing) for the selection board to look at, but they will also look at non-SCN contributions to the larger SAP community.

      The call was recorded, and Jason will likely post it soon, so I would recommend going through it when that happens.



      Author's profile photo Sergio Guerrero
      Sergio Guerrero

      thanks Matt - I will listen to it once uploaded..

      can you briefly describe what else is consider participation?

      my interpretation of scn involvement includes (maybe not comprehensive list) :

      - blogs

      - questions/answers

      - feedback on blogs from others

      - multiple communities participation (hana, ui5, hcp, etc)

      other info is greatly appreciated

      Author's profile photo Matt Fraser
      Matt Fraser
      Author's profile photo Sergio Guerrero
      Sergio Guerrero

      thanks Matt

      Author's profile photo Jason Cao
      Jason Cao
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sergio, Matt already provided you with great info (Thanks Matt!), and Maria also posted the replay link below.

      To add a bit more, our SAP Mentors are influencers not in the traditional "Executive Advisory Board" sense where C-suite executives from SAP's largest customers are brought into a boardroom. Instead, Mentors are community advocates, public champions who are critical thinkers - meaning they learn as much as they can, hear different perspectives, then share their opinion (then cycle through again 🙂 ). In this way, they can share insights (good and bad news) to the community and SAP.

      I'm grateful we have a diverse community of Mentors who have different approaches to supporting the community - some blog, moderate forums, others host and organize knowledge sharing events, while others prefer to speak at conferences and in-person events, or participate in user group, etc. I think its important to point out that they have been active in these ways before they became Mentors.  As Mentors, they have more organized opportunities for influence SAP, such as feedback sessions, focus groups, collaborating on 'point of view' documents.

      Oh yes, to answer your question of limit on number of Mentors - there is no set max or min number for each intake of Mentors. However, representation and value are two things that keep the program in check. To be representative of our growing community (topics, regions, etc) the number of Mentors will also grow. The number of Mentors must not grow so large that our community team loses touch with Mentors, and can't provide the value for them (and for SAP community) from having an organized program. (Not sure if you were expecting that, just want to follow the tone of the Community Call by being open and honest. 😆 )

      Author's profile photo Sergio Guerrero
      Sergio Guerrero

      thank you Jason Cao Jason Cao I just watched the replay... it all makes sense... thank you again for explaining 🙂   will wait to hear more 😉

      Author's profile photo Maria Farrales
      Maria Farrales
      Author's profile photo William Laverde
      William Laverde

      Great call full of information.