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Problems while accessing data (“Unable to connect to the InfoStore”)


SAP BI Platform 4.1 SP6 Patch 4

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.6 SP 01

I have created a dashboard using Design Studio with Universe as the source and was able to run and edit for quite sometime without having any problems. All of sudden I get this message when I refresh the Dashboard. I checked to see if there are any new Universe updates but they were none.(No change in the structure of Data foundation)

Here is the image of how it appears on the application

When you refresh this is what we see in the error log

Behavior: I have around 14 components with different universes in the dashboard. Every time I refresh, few components show data and the others have this error message. It’s not on particular components or sources related to them.


Restart the ConnectionServer in the CMC in all the environments

Reopen and refresh the application

Everything should be good

Hope this helps!


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  • Hi Mithun,

    I am facing the same issue for charts based on universe and charts based on BW as well. As you said I need to restart the connection server in CMC, is it a one time action or do I need to do this whenever i get this error. What is the resolution for charts based on BW?



    • Hi Devi,

      I have got this issue 2 days back and after restarting the servers everything was working fine. We did not encounter the issue again. I'll keep a watch on this and let you know if this happens again. My source is Universe, for BW I would suggest you open a new discussion with snapshots and versions. Someone will be able to assist you.


        • Firstly, were these charts working before. Or is this the first time you're trying to create them and you're facing this issue.

          If they have been working before, I would give a try with restarting the ConnectionServer first.