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Hi All,

When we are uploading a image to the SAP using fileuploader, after the completion of selecting the file i wanted to display the image on the screen.

For displaying the image by using the local system file path not from the project.

For this please follow the procedure:

Create a project and give the title and the view name usually how we give in the same way,

I am using the JS views.

In the view.js write code for the file uploader as shown below

new sap.ui.unified.FileUploader(“myupload”,{


     placeholder:”Select Image”,

     uploadOnChange: true,




After this we need to display the image the one which we selected,so

new sap.m.Image(“img”,{width:”200px”})

Here we are not giving the source to the image because we have to set this source after selecting the image in run time.

Now we have to write function for uploadComplete in the controller.js



          var f = evt.oSource.oFileUpload.files[0];  //here we will get the file which we have been selected in to the variable f

            var path = URL.createObjectURL(f);     // here we are generating the URL based on the local file system and will pass the url in to path


          var img = sap.ui.getCore().byId(“img”); // we are getting the id of the image

            img.setSrc(path);  //we are setting the source of the path to the image to display the image


please find the screen shots respective to the code:


Hope this document will be helpful,

If there is any mistake please let me know…


Deepak Raj.

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  1. Soumya Nandi

    Hi Deepak,


    I am getting error on SAP hana cloud platform webide on the file read line “evt.oSource.oFileUpload.files[0]” as “property oSource is a private member of sap.ui.base.Event!

    And even if I run it with the error it is giving “Cannot read property of ‘files’ of undefined


    Can you please let me know how can we ready the image that we have uploaded.




    1. Deepak Anumula Post author

      Hi Soumya,


      I have developed the above example from the eclipse  IDE.

      As you are developing in WEB-IDE please put a break point when the function triggers and check the path of your image from where it can be accessible.


      If you got any doubt please feel free to reach me at



      Deepak Raj.


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