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Changing the GeoMap basemap after MapQuest discontinue the direct tile access

I had a call from a customer today about the Geo Maps within their Design Studio dashboard. They use the standard GeoMap component which, by default, uses the MapQuest basemap ({LOD}/{X}/{Y}.png).

When running the dashboard, they received the following messages in the map rendering (note this is a test map/dashboard and not the actual productive version).

Pic 1.png

Looking at the MapQuest communication, they discontinued the direct tile access to MapQuest legacy maps after 11th July 2016 and you need to sign up for an account (and developer key) on their developer network.

In order to quickly get the maps working again and not have to sign up for an account and worry about API/developer keys I used some of the other base maps available. Thanks to Mike Howles for his guidance in this previous SCN post.

The new/alternative base map URLs can be entered into the GeoMap’s Basemap URL property.

Pic 2.png

The ones I quickly tried (after converting the parameter to be Design Studio friendly) were as below, along with the screenshots of the tests I did.Obviously the maps look different to the MapQuest one so that needs to be taken into consideration. The custom GeoJSONs worked perfectly again after choosing the new basemaps.


Pic 3.png

Stamen Map{LOD}/{X}/{Y}.png

Pic 4.png


Pic 5.png

For the customer’s scenarios they have two map layers  – one for the group of locations, where the boundary of the region is coloured and then the coloured polygons within that boundary.

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  • Holy cow, this is going to cause a LOT of problems for anyone using the default tile URLs in DS 1.5/1.6!  Wow, I cannot believe MapQuest and SAP didn’t sync up on this earlier, or MapQuest pulled the rug out from underneath SAP.  (Whatever the case, it’s an issue now!)  I’m glad my prior post helped!

    This also impacts the SCN OpenSource Maps, so I’ll make a change to the default basemap tile layer to accomodate.

    • Mike,

      Is there any url to see the sat.view in openstreetmap or any other map provider which I can use in design studio. if so can you please let me know the url.



    • Thanks Mike.

      Holy cow indeed. My jaw dropped when I found out via the customer!

      I had to admit, I was surprised you hadn’t beaten me to it in terms of on getting something posted here on SCN, so I guess this meant there was no communications from any side like you said!

      • Haha, I had to sleep so you got the drop on me 🙂

        But in all seriousness no I wouldn’t have known ahead of time, as I don’t check the map tile provider sites/blogs often (MapQuest, Mapbox, ESRI, etc.)  Judging by the tile message and blog post, it was just turned off yesterday so I’m assuming there will be a few customers waking up to this issue today.

  • Mike,

    I am doing a prototype for a project at present we don’t have license for ESRI, Is Nokia also licensed, If not can you provide the Nokia url.



    • Hmm… are you saying that Galigeo comes with it’s own map provider or just a different standard than MapQuest? Or would there just have been information ahead of time?

      I’m a bit confused what a switch would have made better…

      • Galigeo solutions provide different basemaps from differents providers by default and let you had your own basemap (if you have your own ESRI Server for example). Anyway if any of the providers shall shut done a service, we have a fallback system that switch to OSM.

        Was just saying that it would not happen in general with Galigeo, not talking specifically about MapQuest. If MapQuest shuts down its service there is nothing anyone can do about it.

        • Good for the customers, that you’re keeping the providers in your solution up to date 😉

          It will be interesting to see, which new “default” provider SAP will choose for the next update btw, if any.