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Additional Material Filed attributes transfer from ECC to GTS

Recently I have come across a requirement that one of my client wants to transfer Product hierarchy, External Material group and EAN number from R/3 material master record to GTS product master to fulfill some of their reporting and output printing needs.

On top of this they also want to stop transferring some of their non salable products based on their external material group (For ex if Ext material group is 003 and it is not for sale then if some one try to transfer into GTS, system should stop transferring.

I know this is definitely a common requirement in any company and I am sure a few other GTS experts have already provided lot of information around this corner but I am still writing  this blog assuming it may help the new comers.

In above case , unfortunately Standard SAP GTS Material master transfer functionality allows to get only basic material information  like Mat number , description, UOM and weights etc….

Here is the step by step approach to make this happen.

GTS Configuration :

Menu: SPRO–>IMG–>GTS–>General Settings–>Customs Products

  1. Define Product Characteristics from the Feeder System


  1. Assign Field Attributes to the Product Characteristics from the Feeder Sys.


    3. Define Attributes of Product Characteristics with Length 20 (Based on your Char you can select the suitable node)

        Since we wanted to filter material transfer from ECC to GTS based on external material group value in material master I have made below       

        configuration, basically if the ext material group value is  either 001 or 002 then only product will be transferred to GTS ,  other than these two values   

        (Ex: 003) users will not be able to transfer to GTS/    


ECC/R/3 Activities :

To achieve the above requirement we need to activate a user exit and then need to write a simple ABAP code

  1. Go to CMOD transaction and create a project and assign the enhancement SLLLEG04


    2. Above enhancement will give you access to multiple function exits when you click components, please use this  EXIT_SAPLSLL_LEG_PRR3_004

    3. You can also access above exit from SE37 transaction like below


  1. Double click on the above highlighted Include and it will take you to the programming editor.

    5. You need to incorporate below coding, that is  all…..



Execution/Test 1:

     Create/find a material master with external group  001 and transfer to GTS, this will be transferred successfully and you can also find this data (Product      Hierarchy, EAN and external material group in GTS product master General Basic data tab  under additional data push button.         


Execution/Test 2 :

Create/Find a product with External material group other than 001 or 002 …may be 003 for example and transfer that material to GTS and you can see that SAP will not transfer that product master.

Hope this is helpful, please post your comments.



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