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Memory management issues with Security Audit Log (SM19/SM20): TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED

Hey Community,

In the past days I released a SAP Knowledge Base Article addressing the most common memory issue within the Security Audit Log. I have noticed that some consultants are used to load lots of SAL files at once in SM20 (e.g. all SAL files generated in the past 6 months), and the system ends up without available memory to handle such file load.

Sometimes while loading the Security Audit Log files through RSAU_SELECT_EVENTS program or SM20 transaction we end up facing the following short dump:


There are two most common scenarios where this short dump happens:

  • When reading the logs using SM20 transaction:
    1. Access SM20 transaction;
    2. Provide the Time Period of the files that you want to load;
    3. Press F8 to run the selection.

  • When reading the logs using RSAU_SELECT_EVENTS program:
    1. Access SE38 transaction;
    2. Run the RSAU_SELECT_EVENTS program;
    3. Provide the Time Period of the files that you want to load;
    4. Execute the report (press F8).

Please access the SAP KBA 2329762 for the complete analysis of this issue from the Security perspective.


Filipe Santos

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  • of the actual Basis release (7.5x) its possible to change from file system storage to the database...this provides some Advantages of course....

    see SAP Notes 2140313, 2191612