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About Scheduling Parameters in Maintenance Plan

Objective :

The main objective of this blog is to explain how scheduling parameters influence on the calculation of the plan date in preventive maintenance – time based single cycle plan.

Scheduling Parameters:

we maintain the scheduling parameters for the single cycle plan directly in the maintenance plan as shown belowmp1.PNG

Scheduling Indicator is the basis for calculating the planned dates:

Time : The calculation basis for the month is always 30 days; all calendar days are counted. Example: Cycle 1 month, start of cycle July 9th results in a plan date of August 8th.



Time Key date:The calculation basis is the effective days of a month.Ex:Cycle 1 month, start of cycle July 9th results in a plan date of August 9th.



Time-factory calendar is the basis for the month is always 30 days; only the factory calendar days are counted. Ex: Cycle 1 month, factory calendar Saturday/Sunday/public holiday free,start of cycle July 9th results in a plan date of August 22nd. Selecting factory calendar as German standard 01.



Call control parameter

Completion requirement: If you select the completion requirement check box then the system will generate subsequent orders once the previous order has been completed.It will give a pop-up message like one which is shown below.



Scheduling Period:

It is used to create a preview of the pending maintenance dates. It gives the period of the preview in days,months, or years.For example if you want to have a preview for the entire 12 months for a maintenance plan set the scheduling period to 12 months. Below screen shots shows the scheduling period of a maintenance plan with a monthly cycle, a start date of July 9th and a scheduling period of 12 months.



                      Maintenance Plan with scheduling period

Call Horizon:

We use the call horizon to specify in percentage when an order should be created for a calculated maintenance date.The date as of which the order can be created is known as the maintenance call date. Following screen shots shows the behavior for a cycle plan of one month with 90%, 100% & 0% call horizon settings.



Above is the scheduling period with call horizon 90%



Above is the scheduling period with call horizon 100%



Above is the scheduling period with call horizon 0%

With 90% & 100 % settings, the scheduling list of the maintenance plan has the hold status.

In practice, If you want the call horizon to control the maintenance call directly, than set 0% for cycles which are shorter than one year and if cycles are longer than one year, set the call horizon to a high percentage value (>80%) to ensure that orders are not created too early and remain in the system too long.

I hope this blog will help & for any suggestions plz. feel free.

In part-II ,I am going to share on Data determination which includes shift factor, tolerance & cycle modification factor.



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      Author's profile photo Jaydeep Pipalia
      Jaydeep Pipalia


      Nice Explanation

      Author's profile photo Abhishek Singh
      Abhishek Singh

      Good Explanation....


      Author's profile photo Hans Butenschøn
      Hans Butenschøn


      Author's profile photo Hyungoh Heo
      Hyungoh Heo

      Hi, thanks your explanation, and i've got question for this

      How I can set automatic call from "save to call"?

      For making call, this setting needs to go IP10 again and save,,,,So how should I set?

      thank you

      Author's profile photo Pravin Gautam
      Pravin Gautam




      Nicely explained. Thanks..

      I have below query regarding outcomes  of call horizon 0%.

      1. Call date for 1st call is not appearing in IP10 screen?
      2. Call date for next calls shifted to one month earlier?



      Pravin Gautam

      Author's profile photo Liang Chen
      Liang Chen


      Now I'm totally understand the "call control" and "schedule indicator" of maintenance plan. really thank you very much!

      But where is the part of "date determination", could you also provide it.

      and I have another question want to ask.

      Why my maintenance plan, the "basic start date" and "basic finish date" is always same whatever I choose which maintenance strategy. could you give me a answer?

      Thanks in advance!


      Author's profile photo Niranjan Raju
      Niranjan Raju

      Hello Liang,

      For strategy based plans, if you wish to advance the basic start and add basic end date, you need to do that via the Offset fields in IP11. Go to your strategy -> Packages and in the lead offset enter the number of days you wish to start before the planned start date (basic start date) and subsequent float. These control the basic start and basic end dates.

      Additionally you may want to also check the scheduling parameters configuration (OPU7) for date adjustments calculations


      Author's profile photo Pete Atkin
      Pete Atkin

      Here are some useful Switch Framework option (SWF5):

      • LOG_EAM_SHIFTFACTORS - EAM, Shift Factors for Multiple Counter Plans
      • LOG_EAM_CI_3 - Maintenance plan not immediately released
      • LOG_EAM_CI_4 - Enhancements to BAPIs for Maintenance Plan Scheduling
      • LOG_EAM_CI_4 - Change Documents for Maintenance Plan Scheduling
      • LOG_EAM_CI_5 - Rescheduling of Maintenance Plans After Changing Maintenance Strategy
      • LOG_EAM_CI_6 - Call Horizon in Days
      • LOG_EAM_CI_7 - Mass Change of Maintenance Plans and Items
      • LOG_EAM_CI_8 - Planning Plant in Maintenance Schedule Date Monitoring (IP30)
      • LOG_EAM_CI_9 - A new column called Authorization Group appears in transactions IP11 and IP12.
      • LOG_EAM_CI_10 - Copying Maintenance Plan from Reference Maintenance Plan
      • LOG_EAM_CI_10 - Displaying Maintenance Plan Cycle Information
      • LOG_EAM_CI_12 - Classification of Maintenance Plans
      • LOG_EAM_CI_13 - Maintenance Plan: Specifying End Date and End Counter
      • LOG_EAM_CI_13 - Maintenance Item: Assigning Causes and Reasons Documents
      • LOG_EAM_MPS1 - Maintenance Plan Scheduling Using Preselection 1 (Reversible) - IP30H