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Objective :

The main objective of this blog is to explain how scheduling parameters influence on the calculation of the plan date in preventive maintenance – time based single cycle plan.

Scheduling Parameters:

we maintain the scheduling parameters for the single cycle plan directly in the maintenance plan as shown belowmp1.PNG

Scheduling Indicator is the basis for calculating the planned dates:

Time : The calculation basis for the month is always 30 days; all calendar days are counted. Example: Cycle 1 month, start of cycle July 9th results in a plan date of August 8th.



Time Key date:The calculation basis is the effective days of a month.Ex:Cycle 1 month, start of cycle July 9th results in a plan date of August 9th.



Time-factory calendar is the basis for the month is always 30 days; only the factory calendar days are counted. Ex: Cycle 1 month, factory calendar Saturday/Sunday/public holiday free,start of cycle July 9th results in a plan date of August 22nd. Selecting factory calendar as German standard 01.



Call control parameter

Completion requirement: If you select the completion requirement check box then the system will generate subsequent orders once the previous order has been completed.It will give a pop-up message like one which is shown below.



Scheduling Period:

It is used to create a preview of the pending maintenance dates. It gives the period of the preview in days,months, or years.For example if you want to have a preview for the entire 12 months for a maintenance plan set the scheduling period to 12 months. Below screen shots shows the scheduling period of a maintenance plan with a monthly cycle, a start date of July 9th and a scheduling period of 12 months.



                      Maintenance Plan with scheduling period

Call Horizon:

We use the call horizon to specify in percentage when an order should be created for a calculated maintenance date.The date as of which the order can be created is known as the maintenance call date. Following screen shots shows the behavior for a cycle plan of one month with 90%, 100% & 0% call horizon settings.



Above is the scheduling period with call horizon 90%



Above is the scheduling period with call horizon 100%



Above is the scheduling period with call horizon 0%

With 90% & 100 % settings, the scheduling list of the maintenance plan has the hold status.

In practice, If you want the call horizon to control the maintenance call directly, than set 0% for cycles which are shorter than one year and if cycles are longer than one year, set the call horizon to a high percentage value (>80%) to ensure that orders are not created too early and remain in the system too long.

I hope this blog will help & for any suggestions plz. feel free.

In part-II ,I am going to share on Data determination which includes shift factor, tolerance & cycle modification factor.



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  1. Hyungoh Heo

    Hi, thanks your explanation, and i’ve got question for this

    How I can set automatic call from “save to call”?

    For making call, this setting needs to go IP10 again and save,,,,So how should I set?

    thank you

  2. Pravin Gautam




    Nicely explained. Thanks..

    I have below query regarding outcomes  of call horizon 0%.

    1. Call date for 1st call is not appearing in IP10 screen?
    2. Call date for next calls shifted to one month earlier?



    Pravin Gautam


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