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S/4 HANA Implementation

SAP S/4 HANA have Choice of deployment as below:

  • On-premise – On Premise We can configure using SPRO( as earlier) , and in future SAP will provide  S/4 HANA Guided Configuration.
  • On Cloud ( Cloud Provide S/4 HANA Guided Configuration to implement S/4 HANA )-


  1.                   An assisted way to adapt best practices to customer needs .
  2.                   Facilitates the life-cycle management of business process content.

  • Hybrid – This type of implementation contain  both on-premise and on-cloud.

3 Situation which describe in more detail for choice of deployment as below –

S/4 HANA can be implementation project are two types-

1. Greenfield Implementation ( New Implementation) – Starting Point A in above picture , best suited for this type of implementation.

2. Brownfield Implementation (Migration)- Starting Point B and C in above picture, is more suitable for this type of implementation.

Starting Point B :

Starting Point C :


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  • Hi Nagendra Verma,

    Actually i’m new to ABAP on S/4 HANA, and I have the experience on procedural & object oriented, ABAP and HR-ABAP. So currently my company is going to implement S/4 HANA for one of the client. So I want to know that
    1. “Can we write the Report program, creating tables, etc and other functionalities similarly like ECC in S/4 HANA?”.
    2.And is it mandatory to create the Procedures and SQLscripts in S/4 HANA?
    3.For example if I want write any program to display any 2 tables data, so in this scenario is it required to create any procedures and SQLscrips?


    • Hi Nagendra Verma,

      For me there is the requirement like

      1. “To upload the infotype 8 (basic pay) data to SAP system into Infotype 8 either using BDC or using any Function Modules in ABAP-HR “. So in this scenario is it required to create any SQL Script or Procedures?

      2.”To upload any transnational data in abap for the modules like SD, MM or etc”. Is it required to create any SQL Script or Procedures?