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Embrace The Magic: The Must-See Community Sessions of TechEd Las Vegas

SAP’s community has been key to what makes SAP tick since the early days of online communities themselves. From the start, we’ve welcomed great content from anyone who has had something to contribute.  But it’s not just content we spotlight on the SAP Community Network.

It’s people.

On my very best days throughout many years at SAP, I’ve had the privilege to work deeply with the wildly diverse SAP community, become an SAP Mentor and get to know this group of incredible humans, and find connections throughout the world because of people related to and working with SAP. This is what the SAP community is all about.

When you take the time to express your own personal spark, that thing which is you and nobody else but you, here on the SAP Community Network or anywhere else, you share a great gift that the world would have otherwise missed.  SAP CEO Bill McDermott refers to this as “the unique magic of every individual.”

In appreciation of your contributions and your unique selves, we search for active and passionate contributors every year near the time of SAP’s premier tech conference and we offer you the chance to present your very best at SAP TechEd.  This year has been no different, and I have been honored together with SAP Mentor Tammy Powlas to curate 10 such community members to present sessions at SAP TechEd Las Vegas.

We’re now pleased to announce the complete list of sessions.

To be clear, there’s nothing magic about the hard work each of these individuals has invested in their contributions here on the SAP Community Network and elsewhere. But there’s everything magic in each of their own individual selves, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to hear them share about a wide range of topics. They are all worthy of your consideration at TechEd. Read about each of them below and click the session link to add them to your conference agenda.

If you want to be represented in this list for next year and share your own unique magic, start now.  Contribute and engage.  We look forward to your community contributions and to reviewing your sessions for consideration next year.

See you in Vegas!

Moya and Tammy

With thanks to Bill McDermott


Contributor About Session


Robert Russell

Twitter: @rjruss

Robert Russell works as an SAP Basis Consultant.

He has been working in the SAP field for over 15 years. He proactively contributes ideas and working solutions for SAP via open source contributions ranging from QRcode ABAP device types to SAP Lumira custom extensions. He enjoys spending time with his children outside of work.

DEV 117 – Getting Started with Geospatial Topics on SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Free

This session will show how to use free and open source software to build a geospatial-based application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. We will cover a number of the cloud platform technologies to create an application to map local crime data on a trial SAP HANA Cloud Platform account. The aim is to give beginners a head start on geospatial topics. We will focus on free geographic information systems (GISs) and how to collect and use free GIS open data and lessons learned.


John Patterson

Twitter: @jasper_07

John Patterson works as an SAP Technology Wrangler at SecondPhase Solutions.

He has over 18 years’ experience web enabling SAP. Currently he specializes in implementing SAPUI5, Gateway and agile software engineering best practices, working with customers across Asia Pacific, helping their development teams level up and scale their SAP Fiori and HANA Cloud capability.

John is known throughout the community for sharing his experiences with SAP technology, blogging, speaking, helping to organize meetups, answering the tough questions on forums, authoring and contributing to various Open Source projects, for this work he was rewarded and made an SAP Mentor.

UX130 — Behavior Driven Development (BDD) – Closing the Loop on a Great Fiori UX

BDD is an agile process that works really well with SAPUI5 developments. We define the requirements of the code in a collaborative way, in a language that everybody involved can understand. This leads to a better understanding of the problem and fewer mistakes. With SAPUI5, we get added benefit of executable specifications. The user stories written in BDD can also be used as automated acceptance tests in the OPA5 test tool. Come hear how BDD can help your team write better apps based on SAPUI5.


Sergio Abraham

Twitter: @serj_ab

Sergio Abraham works as an SAP Security Specialist and Researcher at Onapsis, Inc.

As one of the first members of the Onapsis Research Labs, he is responsible for the research of diverse scenarios and configurations of SAP Applications, as well as the development and delivery of Blog posts, SAP Security In-Depth publications, papers and Webcasts, as well as Security Conferences talks and trainings. Currently, he is also leading the innovation program at Onapsis.

Sergio has discovered and published several SAP Security Vulnerabilities affecting diverse SAP components, and was invited to lecture and teach trainings in different conferences such as Ekoparty, Troopers, SAP Teched, HubCon, ASUG and SANS, among others.

Sergio was also the main developer of Onapsis Bizploit (the first open-source SAP Penetration Testing Framework) and the architect of Onapsis X1 (the ERP Security Suite), generating new and innovative security checks for both products.

As a consultant, Sergio has been involved in projects related to the SAP Security ecosystem, auditing SAP Implementations, defining and implementing SoD rules, performing SAP Security Assessments, SAP Penetration Tests, and also helping SAP customers during SAP Incident Responses.

SEC110 — Forensics and Anti-Forensics for SAP HANA

You need clear visibility into what’s happening on your SAP HANA software. Learn the visibility benefits of the software’s audit trail, along with best practices on how to implement and configure it. Discover other sources that you can leverage during forensic investigations to gain additional insight. Through real attacks, see how important it is to patch your SAP HANA software in order to avoid unreliable audit logs in case of an investigation.


James Wood

Twitter: @woodyinflomo

James Wood works as a Principal Consultant at Bowdark Consulting, Inc.

He is the founder and principal consultant at Bowdark Consulting, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in SAP technology solutions. James has over 15 years’ experience in the SAP space, is an SAP Mentor, and has written 8 books covering various SAP-related technologies.

UX211 — Developing Enterprise-Ready Single-Page Applications Using SAPUI5

In this session, we will review some lessons learned while developing applications similar to SAP Fiori for customers using SAPUI5. In particular, we’ll focus in on some of the challenges associated with building client-side single page applications (SPA) on top of complex business objects. Specific topics covered include transaction handling and session management, security, and guidelines for extending these applications to mobile devices.


Will Powell

Twitter:  @WillPowellUK

Will Powell works as the Head of Innovation at Keytree.

He evangelizes the importance of innovation and new technology and is able to bring others along that journey.

Will led development for Keytree’s internationally award winning DemoJam and InnoJam projects.

He has been playing with computers and being able to take them apart at the age of 12.

DEV118 — Extending Collaboration Services with SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Jam

This session will explore how quickly you can create an extension to the SAP Jam social software platform using SAP HANA Cloud Platform. We start with setting up Eclipse, then move through building a HTML UI to incorporate that widget into your SAP Jam Community. Finally we examine the kind of applications you can bring to SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Jam to fully optimize your corporate social network.


Daniel Graversen

Twitter: @dgraversen

Daniel Graversen works as a Consultant at Figaf ApS

He is an integration specialist and has been teaching people to use PO (process orchestration) on his own course. He has been involved with two BPM (business process model) projects with clients to help improve their integrations. Since each project approach was different, this provided good inspiration on how to make great PO projects.

INT210 — Dos and Don’ts from BPMN Development

The session covers lessons learned from projects involving business process model and notation (BPMN). Find out what is important to remember when developing a process. Discover what can you do with SAPUI5 and the task inbox to make the use easier.


Sergio Guerrero

Twitter:  @SergioGuerreroX

Sergio works as an SAP HANA Architect at Hitachi Consulting

He is also a dad, Green Bay Packer fan, and 2015 HANA Developer Hero.

This is his first time speaking at SAP TechEd and he is honored to be participating! He shares about his TechEd session here: The Art of developing Custom Fiori Apps

MOB208 — Experience the Art of SAP Fiori Apps

Hitachi Consulting, a global consulting company, has helped a variety of customers who are using the SAP HANA platform. Utilizing guidelines for the SAP Fiori user experience (UX), Hitachi Consulting has developed transactional and analytical SAP Fiori apps. This session covers the successes and lessons learned from several SAP Fiori projects. Join us to hear directly from the Hitachi Consulting architect responsible for the design and implementation of some of these SAP Fiori apps.


Ingo Hilgefort

Twitter: @ihilgefort

Ingo Hilgefort works as VP of Product Management at Visual BI Solutions.

He has been in the BI industry for over 15 years in a variety of different roles, including Engineering, Consulting, Training, and Product Management. His experience with SAP and BI started in 2000 with his role as product manager during the integration of Crystal Reports with SAP NetWeaver BW. Ingo has been involved in architecting and delivering deployments of SAP BusinessObjects software in combination with SAP software for a number of worldwide customers, and is an SAP Mentor for SAP BusinessObjects- and SAP integration-related topics. Currently, Ingo is the Vice President of Product Management, Visual BI Solutions, for Visual BI.

Ingo is also a 2015-2016 SAP Community Network Topic Leader.

ANP128 — To Cloud or Not to Cloud: An Overview of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

In this session customers will receive an overview of how the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud solution fits into the overall SAP BusinessObjects BI portfolio, and who the main audience for SAP BusinessObjects Cloud currently is. Customers will learn more details about data connectivity options, data visualization options, and SAP Digital Boardroom.


Thorsten Franz

Twitter: @thorstenster

Thorsten Franz works as a freelance SAP Development Consultant at operatics.

He is a confessing SAP development nerd and architect who, as a freelance consultant, gets around and spreads the gospel that you can do amazing things once you connect the cluster of dots that is SAP technology. He works a lot with HANA, ABAP, and other interesting things you can use to build applications that have the certain je ne sais quoi. He hits F11 and F8 a lot.

TEC216 — SAP HANA: Sidecar Magic – Bringing the Future into Your Current Landscape

The SAP S/4HANA suite is on your road map, but you’re not quite there yet? In this session, learn about real-world development projects in which customers create “Islands of SAP S/4HANA” in their landscapes prior to SAP S/4HANA by using the latest and greatest tools and techniques in sidecar scenarios of SAP HANA. We’ll discuss how to architect and actually code solutions that bring the next generation of business applications to your current landscape.


Tammy Powlas

Twitter: @tpowlas

Tammy Powlas works as a Senior Business Analyst at Fairfax Water.

She has been an ASUG Volunteer since 2007 and an SAP Mentor since 2010. Tammy has spoken at the SAP TechEd, SAP Inside Track events, ASUG Webcasts, ASUG Annual Conference and at other ASUG events. Tammy served on the SAP TechEd Design team. She is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Project Management Professional.  She was featured in the book ‘Five Steps to a Successful SAP Career’. Tammy was a 2011-2016 Top Contributor to the SAP Community Network.

Since the start of 2016, she has started hiking as a hobby.

Tammy has co-led the curation of these sessions together with Moya Watson.

You will also be able to see her involved in various sessions at SAP TechEd.


Moya Watson

Twitter: @moyalynne

Moya Watson works as a Product Manager on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform team at SAP.

She has been working in the software industry in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1991. Since 2001 at SAP, she has been forging innovative approaches to communication of all kinds, from standard documentation to technical documentation to collaborative experimental platforms to talking about products to people she maybe doesn’t even know.

In her spare time at SAP, she co-leads Pride@SAP USA, the LGBT employee network.

If you see her at TechEd you might ask if she could make you a sazerac.

Moya has co-led the curation of these sessions together with Tammy Powlas.

At TechEd you will probably be able to visit her in an expert networking session on a random topic, or find her at the HANA Cloud Platform areas on the show floor.

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