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Unable to open EPM add-in from BPC web client

Unable to open EPM add-in from BPC web client is a very common problem in BPC 10.X, here we discuss the common errors and how to deal with them.


First, you need to know the client software supported by BPC 10.X


SAP NW 10.0:


SAP NW 10.1:



Microsoft has stopped providing support for Windows XP, so we don’t suggest using it any more.

Google Chrome is supported with Analysis Office, not EPM add-in. (Note 2258301)

IE11 is supported with compatibility view or enterprise mode with CPMBPC 801 SP09.

IE11 is supported with standard or native mode with CPMBPC 801 SP11.

IE11 is the last version of Internet Explorer. After January 12, 2016, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for older versions of Internet Explorer.


Case 1 – Symptom

Unable to open Excel link through BPF. (Error launching office client Automation server can’t create object)



Install EPM Add-in for Microsoft Office is displayed when clicking on EPM Office Add-in in BPC 10.1 web client.



Install EPM Add-in for Microsoft Office is displayed in BPC 10.0 web client > Home > Start Page > Launch.



Case 1 – Checklist

  • Use IE or Firefox 64 bit with Office 64 bit (EPM add-in .NET 4.0)
  • Use IE or Firefox 32 bit with Office 32 bit (EPM add-in .NET 3.5 or 4.0)
  • Uncheck option Enable Protected Mode in Internet Options > Security.
  • Add the BPC web URL to Local Sites/Trusted Sites in Internet Options > Security.


Make sure EPM add-in is loaded when opening Excel directly, or you need to fix this issue first.


Make sure the following Add-on is enabled in IE.


Rest Internet Explorer Settings


The following warning should appear after resetting Internet Explorer Settings and you need to allow it to run.

The same warning in IE11.


Try opening Internet Explorer or Firefox through Run as administrator.



Case 2 – Symptom



Case 2 – Solution


Case 3 – Symptom

Library not registered(registry ID:{000208D5-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}), Exception from HRESULT:0x8002801D(TYPE_E_LIBNOTREGISTERED)


Case 3 – Solutions

  • Apply the solution of note 1978201.
  • Apply the solution of note 2321784.
  • Try opening Internet Explorer or Firefox through Run as administrator.

Case 4 – Symptom

Library not registered(no registry ID), Exception from HRESULT:0x8002801D(TYPE_E_LIBNOTREGISTERED)


Case 4 – Solutions

  • Try opening Internet Explorer or Firefox through Run as administrator.
  • Do not delete WPS office ifyou’ve installed it or Install WPS office again if you’ve deleted it. (WPS office is an office suite which is compatible with Microsoft Office)


Case 5 – Symptom

Error launching office client: a.PushActionsByValue is not a function


Case 5 –

Make sure the following Firefox plug-in is activated or you need to install NP.EPM.Plugin.xpi from the installation folder of EPM add-in.

  • This plugin is not required if you use EPM Plug-in(AO) .
  • If you want to use EPM Plug-in(AO) with Firefox on BPC, at least BPC should be 10.1 SP09 and AO should be 2.2 or later.



Case 6 – Symptom

You get warning This add-in could not be installed because it has not been verified when trying to install EPM plug-in for Firefox.

EPM add-in will be validated and signed in SP27.


Case 6 –

Set xpinstall.signatures.required = false in about:config



Case 7 – Symptom

Error “Impossible to find the EPMXLClientAddin” occurs when trying to open EPM add-in from BPC web client.



Case 7 – Solution

  • Make sure EPM add-in is loaded when opening Excel directly.
  • Delete EPMXLClientPreference.XML and then recreate this file by opening Excel again.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Good Job

      Author's profile photo Chris Bennett
      Chris Bennett

      For Case 3 the note referenced is not up to date, but the idea is still good.  I just fixed this error on my PC by: opening the registry and searching for the IID item in my error message.

      There are several of them.  At least one of them will be missing the ProxyStubClsid and the TypeLib String Value entries.  You will need to update and create them as appropriate.

      For me the first instance I found of the IID from the error was fully registered, so I copied the IID's that were referenced in the String Values and pasted into the missing String Values from the unregistered IID item.  I had to create the Version in the TypeLib.

      My version ref in the TypeLib was 1.9 which corresponds to Excel 2016 from Office 365+ (I run the 64bit version).  It seems that somehow the 64bit install missed to register this key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\Interface\{IID from error message}.

      Good to know that these are Office installation problems and not SAP EPM or BPC installation issues.  But they are hard to fix and difficult to convince users and IT support that they are Office issues without a current SAP Note.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Hi Chris,

      We're currently experiencing the issue you highlighted above where the 64bit install missing ProxyStubClsid and TypeLib string values. What do you enter or fix to populate this?


      Thanks, Cory



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Chuan,

      Issue has been resolved, very useful link.

      Thank you so much.



      Author's profile photo JingJing Zhao
      JingJing Zhao

      Hello all,

      Have seen some issues with opening EPM template from BPF on BPC web with error message in Case 1. Provided resolution has not helped. Strangely this occurred suddenly to the users who used to be able to open EPM template form BPF on BPC web. It seemed that some windows updates had caused this issue? I am just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this recently?

      When uninstalled EPM first and then re-install it again from BPC for web, it states that EPM is already installed on the machine therefore only can install under currently username....