Keyboard shortcuts to perform your modeling activities such activate, validate, data preview, and so on.

The table below lists the commands and the keyboard shortcuts to execute those commands:

Command Binding When category
Activate Ctrl+Shift+A Navigator Modeler Keys
Add Table/Model Ctrl+Shift+= In Windows Modeler Keys
Auto Arrange Ctrl+L In Windows Modeler Keys
Data Preview Ctlr+Shift+P Navigator Modeler Keys
Display XML Alt+D In Windows Modeler Keys
Find Ctrl+F Navigator Modeler Navigator
Fit to Window Ctrl+0 In Windows Modeler Keys
Move Element in Output Pane (Direction: Down) Ctrl+] In Windows Modeler Keys
Move Element in Output Pane (Direction: Up) Ctrl+[ In Windows Modeler Keys
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  1. Florian Pfeffer

    Hello Nagendra,

    I think one of the most important short cuts is Ctrl+Shift+L. This shows you all available shortcuts. 😉



  2. salvi dutta

    I agree with you Florian Pfeffer and Nagendra Verma.

    List of all shortcut by “Ctrl+Shift+L”.

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