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Ariba provides 3 options to connect SAP system to the Ariba Network on the cloud.



Option 1. Web Services interfaces can directly consume and sendcXML messages using Ariba Add-on. By removing the need for middleware the landscape is simplified.


Option 2. Web Services, mediated via SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI), for enhanced data protection and security. (New option)


Option 3. Web Services, mediated via SAP Process Orchestration (PI) or similar middleware, with the same use cases as HCI, but you can take advantage of your prior investments into PI.



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The HCI connector has been recently added as an option to connect the two systems.


Features include

Simplified cloud integration for trading partners

Ariba Integration Gateway powered by SAP HCI

Next generation cXML& standards based support

Strong cXML governance for enhancements



Update 22/06/2017

HCI replaced (Rename?) with SAP ARIBA Cloud Integration Gateway



The SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway

The SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway, enabled by SAP Cloud Platform Integration redefines how our customers integrate with the world’s largest B2B network. It gives our suppliers a simple and efficient way to integrate with Ariba Network using standards other than cXML. It reduces the deployment time for suppliers to integrate with Ariba Network. This is currently only available for Ariba Network supplier-side integration.


Standard Features

Connect once: The SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway changes how suppliers integrate and manage their integration, enabling them to connect once to Ariba Network and manage a single configuration based on their core transaction capabilities regardless of customer requirements.

Single sign-on with Ariba Network: Using the single sign-on functionality, users can access their SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway account from their Ariba Network account.


Standard(s) mapping repository: The SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway supports various standards that give suppliers the flexibility to use non-cXML data formats to transact with their customers on Ariba Network. Transactions include purchase orders, order confirmations, advance ship notifications, and invoices.


Connection protocol(s):The SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway supports the AS2 and HTTPS protocols to provide enhanced security for suppliers transacting on Ariba Network. Suppliers can manage their connections by using certificate-based or basic authentication.


Integration wizard: The integration wizard automates complex integration tasks by asking a series of easy-to-answer questions. The answers suppliers provide help the SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway derive transaction configurations. Suppliers can reuse all these configurations for future integrations with other customers.


Developer tools:The SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway has various tools that are designed to make integrations with Ariba Network simple. For example, the transformation tool transforms the data and verifies that the data meet customers’ requirements. The schema validation tool allows easy validation to ensure that the formatting is accurate and acceptable.


One-click deployment: Once suppliers have verified their integration project, a single-click deployment option deploys the project to production.

Transaction tracker with search capability: The transaction tracker allows easy search and tracking of the status of transactions on Ariba Network. Users can also download the source and destination transactions, including attachment(s), processed by the SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway.


Test Central:Test Central offers a new approach on how suppliers should self-test and integrate with Ariba Network. It reduces the overall testing timeframe for suppliers to transact with Ariba Network. Suppliers using Test Central to test integrations can validate connectivity, transformation, and content of the documents before they go live.

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    1. Vijay Vital Post author

      Interesting you have asked this question at the right time. I reached out to Ariba in the US 2 days ago and they have confirmed the following.

      1) Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway (powered by HCI) supports EDI based integration for suppliers only.

      2) It is in limited availability (being tested with 5 pilot supplier I think).

      3) Its planned for general availability by Q4 this year. Not sure of the exact release.

      I will update the blog as soon as we start implementing for our suppliers.

      Follow, like and rate the post one of which should send you update as I update these posts I think.

          1. Upendra Kumar

            Hi Vijay,

            Do we have the latest Ariba CI-9 version for  SAP HCI?

            I am not able to find that detail in Ariba connect.
            Can you provide us the link for the same if possible?


            Thank you.

            1. Vijay Vital Post author

              Hello Upendra Kumar,

              HCI is out of the presentation. The latest tool they have is called SAP Ariba Cloud integration gateway not HCI.



              1. Upendra Kumar

                Thank you, Vijay, for the update.  I tried finding any Admin doc for the same but failed.
                can you provide me the link for the Admin doc of SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway?


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