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Getting Started with HANA Cloud Integration (HCP Integration Services)

In this blog, I am writing my understanding on getting started with HCI. SAP HCI is designed as Integration Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) which helps to integrate multiple independent systems/applications for a business process. HCI can do Cloud to Cloud, Cloud to On-premise, On-premise to On-premise and Hybrid model.

To do any of the above integration HCI offers Adapters (Connectivity options) such as:

  • SOAP Adapter
  • IDoc
  • HTTP
  • Mail
  • SFTP
  • Successfactors
  • Ariba
  • oData
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Note: Some of the adapters are for one-way communication and Cloud Connector is used for on premise integration’s.

In simple we can also call it as PI/PO on Cloud.  Let’s start with HCI:

Few requirements/scenarios which you need to consider; & In case you are following the OpenSAP course on HCI:

1. Ensure you have an HCI account

2. If you are getting 403 error when you try to access HCI Web UI

3. Unable to see the Design and Monitor tabs in Web UI

The below steps describes on how to “Setting up the prerequisite”:

1. Ensure HCI Service is Active

Login HCP Account, Go to the Overview/Tenant(in my case I have multiple accounts), where you have your HCP Integration Services enabled. Reach out to SAP to check this if required. In my case I have a separate tenant for HCI marked as below:


Go to Subscriptions and look for the Application ending with “____tmn” ensure that is active as below and click on it.


Once you click on it, you should be able to see the screen below:


2. Roles are very important to perform any development activities (mainly you would need B and C):

    1. AuthGroup.BusinessExpert
    2. AuthGroup.Administrator
    3. AuthGroup.IntegrationDeveloper
    4. AuthGroup.SystemDeveloper

Note: HANA Cloud Integrations is also addressed as HCP Integration Services

Click on Roles as you see in the above screen, on New Role, look for the Administrator and IntegrationDeveloper Role and assign it to your user as shown below:


Do the same for other Roles as required.

3. URLs:

a. Web URL: You can access the Integration Content Catalog via the customer’s tenant at http:// <server>:<port>/itspaces


b. Management URL: Access via Eclipse HCI plugin


c. Run-time URL: Web-service url to be configured in backed systems


Now if you open the Web URL, your developer should be able to see the options for Discover, Design, Monitor, Settings as shown below:


To do SOAP to oData conversion you may follow the Blog posted on SCN:

Note: If you are not able to see oData Adaptor on your HCI account, raise an OSS Ticket and SAP shall get it activated.

Hope this helps to get you started quickly. Looking forward for you feedback and comments.

Should you be interested to learn more about HCI, you can start by OpenSAP course on HCI and my recent blogs on the course:

Week1: Application Integration Made Simple with SAP HANA Cloud Integration – OpenSAP Course Week1

Week2: Application Integration Made Simple with SAP HANA Cloud Integration – OpenSAP Course Week2



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  • Hi Nagesh , Excellent Blog!!! could you please elaborate how to integrate SAP HANA Cloud Connector in SAP HCP Trial account !


    Priyesh Shah

  • Hi Nagesth,

    Excellent all your contributions.

    When I try to access the Integration Content Hub service, only the "Discover" option is enabled.

    In our company we have purchased the HCP package with HCI.
    When I check that the HCI service is active the result is the following:

    What should I do?
    If you can help me, I appreciate it.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Former Member,

      Sorry, I was on holidays, hence could not respond.

      I hope the issue is solved by now. Just in case, please check if the roles are added as mentioned in this blog to the ID that you are trying to access. I guess that should solve the problem.



  • Hello Nagesh,


    We are getting HTTP 403 error while log in to HCI integration services web UI. We have activated the service and the below authorizations , but still getting the errors.

    1. AuthGroup.BusinessExpert
    2. AuthGroup.Administrator
    3. AuthGroup.IntegrationDeveloper
    4. AuthGroup.SystemDeveloper

    Please help us with some suggestions here..


    Thanks and Regards

    Shanto Aloor

    • Hi Shanto,


      Did you try to logout, clear the cookies and then try to login. Alternative, try a incognito mode. Let me know the results. It should ideally work if all the roles are set correctly.





    • Hello Vishnu

      I’m responding to your query very late , but i hope your issue is resolved by now.

      Please understand that member and role assignment happens via the admin ID (ID to whom HCI is provisioned in your engagement) and accessing the HCI via web UI will be done by the members ( S or P users you have added).






  • Hi Nagesh,

    I followed your steps and I am encountering an error when using the Web UI.  The error states "Error in fetching resources".  My authorization is AuthGroup.IntegrationDeveloper.  Any help would be greatly apprecited.


  • Hello Norman,

    You are all good with authorization​.Yesterday there was a issue with discover page,even we were facing same issue.May be you can give a try after a day,usually it happens when there are updates happening related to SAP Cloud Platform or it's services which are used to build Webui.


    Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat

  • Hi Nagesh,

    I have a trial SAP Cloud Platform account and cannot subscribe for the application ending with the  __tmn. Is it not provided for the trial account?

    Is it at all possible to get access to Design and Monitor services from the trial account?



    • Hi Beata,

      I have not tried on Trail account with HCI. Please raise this question in the communication forum, hopefully someone has tried this option.




  • Hi Nagesh,


    I have one Query regarding datastore connection. We have 2 datastore for connecting ECC.. SAP Business Suite and SAP BW.. Which should we will use?