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Ways to provide bulk upload of materials in Opportunity–> Products Tab

Hi Team,

Summary : Please provide a ways to achieve the requirement of allowing all end users upload/save materials in bulk through excel or csv file in Products tab of the Opportunity Work center in HTML5 screens.

Business Requirement : Business needs similar option to upload materials in Oppotunity screen like “Upload Territory Team” button option exist in “Territory” Work Center.

Business Case : Sellers needs to provide quickly price details to customers for bulk materials using Get Price. As of now there is no way to upload bulk material in this screen and it is very time consuming for seller to Select all material one by one sitting at customer place.

* Mass Data Run will not help us as this is available in Silverlight version. All our end user use only HTML5 version

* WEBDAV concept is uploading to shared folder and again this needs Mass Dara Run to be scheduled to sync the uploaded file data. User cannot be communicated about data mistakes synchronously. Please correct me if this is not the right information.

* SAP is suggesting to use DataWorkbench by bulding custom OData Service. Not sure how far this will helpwill help us to achieve the business requirement.

Please help with the right approach and the solution for this.


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      Hi Sergey,

      SAP has to provide the option. Our workaround will not be userfriendly. Please create an idea on the idea forum. This may help in making SAP think towards providing common option accross objects where products are the key details.