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How to maintain Document Type and Status Schema in Fine-Tune and it’s determination in Ticket.

Please refer the blog which explains :How-to create Z – Document Type and Status Schema in the Fine-Tune and its determination in Ticket processing ::-

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center ->Implementation Projects view.
  2. Select the current project and click on Open Activity List.
  3. Go to Fine-Tune and search for the activity name Tickets for Customer Support and open it.
  4. Click on hyperlink Maintain Status Schema.
  5. You can use the Default Status Schema “OR” you can create your own schema(Z Status Schema) .
  6. Once Z-Status Schema is added ,you can “Assign Status to your Schema” (and set Sort Sequence for them).


***** Please Note :: You can create your Z-Status too using a ‘Maintain Status Dictionary Entries‘ hyperlink

with require ‘Assignment Status‘ .For e.g. As I had created ZX and ZV with Assignment Status as Planner Action

and Provider Action respectively.

  1. Once Status Schema is maintain, close it and open another hyperlink i.e. Maintain Document Types .
  2. Here you can select existing Document OR created/Add your own Z-Document Type (For e.g. I created with

       name as ZCS – Document Type_CS) AND had assign Status Schema to it i.e. ZS – Customer Support


  • As you can see in the below screenshot:-


  1. Go to Service work center ->Tickets view ->Create New Ticket with Document Type as Document Type_CS.
  2. Maintain all the mandatory details and further Save and Open the newly created Ticket.

On Edit you can see the various status are shown in the drop-down option ,as was maintained in the Fine-Tune.


****Please Also Note(below Conditions) :When Planner Action / Provider Action related Status will not be listed

in the drop-down.

### 1 .Provider Action status not displayed if:-

• Ticket is Inconsistent

• Approval status is In Approval or Not Started or In Revision or Withdrawn.

• Ticket is Open or Completed or Closed

=>As you can see Provider Action is missing in above ticket -status drop-down ,because the status of Ticket was Open.

### 2. Planner Action status not displayed if:

• Ticket is Inconsistent.

• Ticket is Completed.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Anukush,

      Thanks For the information.

      Author's profile photo Claude-Eric Lesellier
      Claude-Eric Lesellier

      Dear Ankush,


      Very interesting article and maybe the only one which may explain the issue I face: I wanted to test a new ticket status to mention ticket is under a 3rd level support department responsibility and stop the counter for the KPi showing time to resolve the issue.


      For this I created a status with Provider Action for which lifecycle status is “In process”. I used it on a ticket and I’m now trapped with this ticket and it is “open” and the status list is empty (exactly what you describe).


      But the issue is I can’t find any way to escape from this situation… I tried with my admin user or with a workflow but I can’t change it anymore. And I can’t update the status in the “Status dictionary” (I guess because it is in use).


      Any idea how to get out of this trap?


      Author's profile photo Ankush Pashine
      Ankush Pashine
      Blog Post Author


      Hello Claude,

      Your Question :I can’t update the status in the “Status dictionary”

      Answer to it :To edit the status under  'Status Dictionary' , you should 1st delete that from 'Status Schema'. But to delete from Status Schema, you need to ensure that status is not used in any existing tickets .


      Hope this answer  🙂


      Best Regards,

      Ankush Pashine.