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Cross Docking in SAP Warehouse Management – One Step


Introduction :

Cross docking is a Business operation which is highly recommended in today’s warehousing scenarios where customers strive to achieve profits by reducing the material handling cost, labour and time. In general terms cross docking enables warehouse to map inbound delivery documents to outbound deliveries to reduce the material handling and storing in the warehouse.

Business Process and assignments :

In our scenario we are dealing with planned cross docking that enables us to plan the cross docking before goods arrive into warehouse via cross docking decisions in Cross dock monitor.In general business process cross docking is normalized at material levels, certain specific material are designated for cross docking. We here by in this document use special movement indicator ‘S’ and custom WM movement type ‘990’ with respect to 101 IM movement to distinguish cross docking. [ Note : this is purely conditional and depends on how the solution is designed]

One step cross docking movement process directly from Inbound GR area to Outbound shipping area.

We have the below Prerequisites :

a) Check the warehouse configuration in SPRO> IMG> Logistics Execution >Warehouse Management > Cross docking >General settings >Maintain Warehouse Level settings


ensure that for relevant warehouse 2step cross docking indicator is not checked.

b) No pre allocation stock check in  movement types 990 ( in this case ) in general for 101 and 601. “consider Pre-alloc stock”


c) stock placement and stock removal confirmation required for storage type 902 and 916. In our case we have used custom storage type CD1 in place of 902 standard.


a) SPRO>IMG> Logistics Execution > Warehouse Management > Cross docking > General settings > Maintain Warehouse level settings


For our warehouse XY1, 2 step is unchecked, and opportunistic CD for both INB and OBD are selected with planning time of 24 HRs.

b) SPRO>IMG> Logistics Execution > Warehouse Management > Cross docking > General settings > Define Cross-Docking Relevancy for Movement Types


For our movement type 990 Cross dock is relevant

c) SPRO>IMG> Logistics Execution > Warehouse Management > Cross docking > General settings > Define Cross-Docking Decision Number Range


Internal number range maintained for Cross dock decision during cross dock planning.

Business Transactions :

a) Create purchase order and wrt to PO, create the inbound delivery.


Inbound del # 180000115 created for 5 EA

b) Create Sales order for 5 EA and create the Outbound delivery.


Delivery created

c) Now we need to plan the cross docking in cross dock monitor – LXDCK transaction




Select ‘plan’ and system will show the below screen:


Left side is the inbound delivery which is the candidate and right is the outbound delivery which is the planning document. Select both and click on ‘Add to Plan’


Once you save , system will create a decision number.


Both the documents are now linked to perform the cross docking.

d) Create TO wrt to the Inbound delivery.


create in foreground.


We can see that the destination storage type is automatically selected as 916 and the storage bin is our outbound delivery number from the GR area as CD1 with PO#4500017274 That means that the stock is directly moving from interim GR area to shipping area deliverables. Note : For the movement type 990 in our scenario , the source storage type configured is CD1 in SPRO. In general for 101 movement it is 902


e) Confirming the TO using LT12.

WM stock before confirmation:


After TO confirmation


We can see that now the available stock in 916/800015848 is 5EA

f) The document flow for outbound delivery shows the TO is confirmed


same goes with inbound delivery case,where the TO is confirmed and GR is done. This completes the process.


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      Author's profile photo Vinayak Songirikar
      Vinayak Songirikar

      Nice Document for cross docking....thanks for sharing

      Author's profile photo Mehmet Ozgur Unal
      Mehmet Ozgur Unal

      Hi all ;

      I think that this process can be implemented for trading goods. Is there any types that i do not know...

      Presentation is so clear with customizing and example . Thanks to  Former Member


      M.Ozgur Unal

      Author's profile photo Mark Suarez
      Mark Suarez

      Hi Yogi,

      I followed your post from the Cross-dock configuration to the creation of inbound and outbound documents. But on LXDCK transaction, there's no any delivery documents can be seen in the monitor when I highlight the row of a document then click the "Plan" button. You may see the attached screenshot. Is there any other settings or data that we need to check further aside from the delivery date/time of Inbound and Outbound deliveries? Furthermore, is there a need to follow a specific time or a schedule when executing the Cross-dock plan?




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Mark,

      Please check the planning time for cross dock should be within the range of delivery document creation, what we setup in the customising.

      As the example is for planned CD, therefore we are using a timeline to plan the goods movements. As per my knowledge these are the only settings.




      Author's profile photo Andre Hartono
      Andre Hartono

      Dear Yogi Kumar,

      Thanks a lot for your sharing on Cross Docking Process, btw may I know whether this feature is available in ECC 6.0 without implement SAP EWM? any adds on we can install to activate the configuration that you mentioned?(Eg. SPRO> IMG> Logistics Execution >Warehouse Management > Cross docking >General settings >Maintain Warehouse Level settings)

      Eventhough we did not activate SAP EWM actually I can call LXDOCK transaction code, thus I hope there is a way to use cross docking feature without implement EWM, thanks..


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Andre,

      Yes, the process mentioned is designed in ECC 6.0 version only. Cross docking is a basic feature which is available both in ERP WM as well as in SAP EWM.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Yogi,

      Your article is very nice and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.

      I successfully created both Inbound and Outbound. Both are showing in Cross dock monitor however when I tried to select Plan it is throwing error "No inbound documents have been selected for planning".

      Could you please advise. Thanks in advance.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Yogi,

      I am not able to see LE>WM>Crossdocking... node in SPRO. Is this available in ECC6 without SCM?

      kindly advise

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Just figured out we need to activate EA_SCM enterprise extension to get the configuration settings in SPRO activated.