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SAP ASE Version 16.0 SP02 PL04

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise version 16.0 SP02 PL04 is available for download for all platforms from SAP Software Download Center

16.0 SP02 PL04 includes:

    • Security enhancements
    • Publication of the Backup Server Archive API
    • New command options to:
      • Resolve mismatch of IDs for allocation pages
      • Skip the beginning of chained transaction for select queries
      • Delete the underlying operating system file when dropping a device
      • Ignore the plan hint in a plan clause, and force the query to use the plan hint in sysqueryplans.

For more information, see:

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  • Installing PL04 we get the version as

           16.0 SP02 PL04/EBF 26122 SMP

    EBF 26122 doesn't match the "list of fixes" - which shows as "List of Fixes for EBF 26125"

    Do we have the correct version ?

    • 26122 is for Linux on x86-64 hardware, 26125 is for Linux on PowerPC hardware.

      If the binary executes (i.e. dataserver -v returns the version string) then you have the right

      binary for your hardware.


  • 1> select @@version

    2> go





    Adaptive Server Enterprise/16.0/EBF 22385 SMP/P/X64/Windows Server/asecepheus/3

             530/64-bit/FBO/Sun Feb 16 06:52:50 2014

    Where on earth is SP02?

    • Hi John,

      You do not have the SP02 version there, what you have is the initial 16.0 release, sometimes called the "GA" (for "General Availability") release.

      Later releases such as 16.0 SP02 PL04 can be downloaded from