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Online Report Designer (ORD) – Implementation – Best Practice – FAQ

This is a guide to implement Online Report Designer.

  • Things to consider

    • Prerequisite and limitation

BizX Sources (Live data): Per default, ORD will include the same schema available as Adhoc. If you have enable Adhoc subdomain schema in provisioning, you should see this schema in “Detailed Reporting” to design your query. The same permissions applied as Adhoc so you should verify if your instance has adhoc set-up correctly.

LMS integration: Learning product (LMS) is a separate product and can be integrated once ORD implemented. Make sure you follow the implementation guide related to LMS section, This is not integrated per default.

Employee Central product: Per default, Employee Central product has enable in Adhoc Job information (as of date) and other subdomain schema. However, be aware for Employee Central you should consider Advanced Reporting (ODS/REALMS) as reporting solution. Advanced Reporting is a separate implementation not part of ORD.

WFA products:

  • If you have purchase WFA product you and you do want to link this instance to your HCM Cloud instance, you need to wait for Implementation Service team to deliver you the WFA identifier that will be need during the ORD implementation. Be aware you can only link your WFA instance which is located on the same stack or datacentre.
  • For WFA, Our IS team provide also a preview environement instance which is a Q&A environment to develop new metrics or refresh your data. This instance cannot be link to any HCM Cloud instance and is not on a “Preview” stack and is link directly to your PROD WFA environment in back-end. Do not try to achieve it, this is technically impossible. However, if you want a preview instance for test purpose, you need to contact your Sales department or PS contact to get an additional WFA instance on TEST or Preview datacentre.

Integration with 3rd party products *MUST READ*: The SuccessFactors reporting tools should be used ONLY for generating human readable content. It is not intended nor designed to be used as a tool for data extraction to external systems. A number of tools have been developed to allow customers to extract data from several SuccessFactors systems. These tools allow for full and delta extracts that can be performed on an on-going basis for integration into external systems. – Guide explaining Reporting VS Integration –

PAYROLL system: You should use our integration product and review our SAP HELP portal documentation available and use our integration tools. Link:

AKAMAI – Reverse Proxy: ORD is compatible with AKAMAI and reverse proxy. You must be aware if AKAMAI is enable then Reverse proxy set-up in your instance, Only user connected using AKAMAI will have access to ORD. See Guide section to know how to configure your instance for reverse proxy / AKAMAI.

Single Sign ON / Redirection URL Online Report Designer use internal Single Sign On to link your HCM cloud instance to your ORD instance. It’s important that you configure your network to allow “analytics” page but also to make sure you use correct redirection url in your SSO Setting (Provisioning) to avoid to get wrong redirection (cause by timeout). Few SSO internal missconfiguration redirecting TEST in PROD instance could happen when you have set-up a dynamic redirection address (like .aspx) uncorrectly. You need to reach your local IT departement owner of this .aspx page to rectify it if this happen or make sure you have set-up different redirection and timeout address in SSO (provisioning) to prevent this. This is not a ORD issue and could happen with any successfactors product using Single Sign On. Please refer to PLT guide for further detail related to SSO.

Plan to change your Intance BizX ID in Provisioning: Instance ID is the unique identifier for SSO connection between HCM CLOUD and ORD. If you plan to change your instance ID, you should consider to change only your instance “NAME” otherwise your current ORD implementation will need to be lost and need to be reconfigured from scratch with all back-end user configuration lost. You should avoid this or configure ORD before to implement it. Please Reach SuccessFactors if you plan to make such changes. This must be discussed in advanced.

Preview HCM datacentre stack: you can only link instances or create a new ORD instances ORD on dedicated WFA stack available. Example: I have a instance on HCM12preview, i cannot link it to PROD environment which is on I can’t link neither instances on different datacentre. You should follow exactly the implementation guide available in the guide section.

  • Guide

To implement Online Report designer, you must take the last implementation guide and SSO Guide available on our SAP HELP page.

Our Product Management team regularly make changes in our implementation guide.

For all other Resources for Analytics, please review our Master Online Report Designer KBA

  • Best Practice

1st : Download the latest Guide SSO and ORD implementation URL. Be aware we have specific address per datacenter.

2nd: Use Notepad to Copy the information before to paste in Provisioning.

3rd : Avoid Space when you Paste the information in provisioning.

4th: Double check before to Save that you have entered the right information.

5th: Enjoy the 3 Best Practice documents in order to implement our ORD product successfully :

  • Provisioning Settings
  • Role Settings
  • Create Default Role in ORD
  • Top 10 KBA

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