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Late Hours Deduction Amount Calculation using Custom PCR


The purpose of this document is to explain about developing a Personnel Calculation Rule to calculate late deduction amount (from Basic Pay wage type).

Calculation formula:

Basic pay wage type to be calculated for the late hours and (from month basic to hours rate) and will be deducted from the employee’s salary. You can also add other wage component for basis calculation depends on the requirement. I have taken the example to deduct only from Basic Pay component for illustration purpose.

Input :

We can maintain late coming hours to be deducted Infotype 15 with a wage type 7100 (Late deduction hours). The late hours may also be calculated from time evaluation and can be loaded in ZL. But, for simplicity, I have taken the example of entering late hours in IT15 wage type.

In this scenario,

Basic pay (WT 9000) amt = Rs.19,200

Late Hours (WT 7100) num=0.5 hours




Employee’s Basic salary is Rs.19,200 (which is AMT field of wage type 9000).

Late Hours is 0.5 hours (in wage type 7100’s NUM field).

Calculation Steps:

NUM+ 7100              -> loads the value .5 for calculation.

NUM*10000              -> multiply 0.5 x 10,000 = 5,000

RTE=GKSOLL          -> loads the calendar days of the current month in RTE field


RTE*8                       -> multiply 30x 8 = 240 and store it in RTE field

DIVID NRR               -> divide 5,000/240 = 20.83 and store it in RTE field

NUM/10,000             -> divide 5,000/10,000 = 0.5 and store it in NUM field

MULTI ARA              -> multiply 19,200×20.83 = 399936 and store it in AMT field

AMT/10,000              -> divide 399936/10,000=39.9936 and store it in AMT field

ROUND 100              -> round 39.9936 to 40.00

ADDWT 7100            ->  store amt 40.00 to wage type 7100     

FILLF A,N,R              -> restore original AMT, NUM & RTE values back to wage type 9000 (basic pay)

ADDWT 9000            -> store wage type 9000 back to table IT/OT


Month Basic pay amt = Rs.19,200

Per day rate     = 19,200 / 30= Rs.640

Per hour rate    = 640/8 = Rs.80

For 0.5 hours rate = 80×0.5 = Rs.40

Placement of this PCR in Payroll Schema:

This PCR can be placed in sub-schema INAP (import further payment/deductions), if the late hours

are entered in IT15.

PCR should be placed after the function P0015.

PCR can be called as:


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      Author's profile photo Sujata Swain
      Sujata Swain

      Dear Expert,

      Here You are dividing the amount/8 for calculating Per hour rate.But in our organisation few are coming in 5days shift with 9.5 working hours and few are coming in 6 days week with 8 working hours.In this case how the late hr amount calculation will be done.

      Please suggest.


      Author's profile photo BALASUBRAMANIAN AP
      Blog Post Author


      Hourly rate is stored in wage type /001 (I guess). Please check with this technical wage type.