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Enhancing RRB creation (DP93) screen with Cost Center

Hello all,

In this blog I will explain how to add cost center as additional parameter to the DP93 screen. In our case we have cost booking done on the Cost center and we needed to create debit request for the costs that are booked in the Cost center.

In standard DP93 screen we don’t have this option of Cost center. I have used the BADI ‘BADI_DPICB’ for this purpose. This BADI will be called during the screen generation of DP93. Its very straight forward change but you need help from your developer to perform this.

Create a BADI implementation in se18  for BADI_DPICB’ and inside the method ‘IF_RRICB~INCLUDE_COST_CENTERS’ add the below code.



There is no other coding needed for the system to pick up the costs booked on the cost center and create inter company resource debit requests.

Hope this helps.


Vijay V

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    Dear Vijay – how is the cost centre marked as ‘billing element’ similar to what you see at the WBS side?  In other words, how does DP93 know what cost centres to pick up?

    And secondly, does the BAPI you propose also work in DP91?