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This was an SCN webcast today; these are my rough notes (as I heard them).  The recording will be available in a week, according to SAP.  Always the most interesting is the question & answer at the bottom.


Source: SAP

Standard apps are the Design Studio templates



Source: SAP

Local mode is for testing
In blue box you have BICS run time

Q: why isnt UNX shown as a data source?
A: logon to the BI platform


Source: SAP

Logon to BIP
Add-on is installed in BI Platform
Application files on BIP
Source: SAP

Run locally on BIP helps isolate issues


Source: SAP
How process flows happens, calls being made, which server is responsible for what
Where you see issues, root-cause

Best Practices:


Source: SAP
Product Availability Matrix
SAP Help Portal

“Make sure client and BIP add on are on the same version” was highlighted/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/8fig_987267.png

Source: SAP

Source: SAP
Consider using Fiddler for troubleshooting
Source: SAP

Wiki: Design Studio Troubleshooting – Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects) – SCN Wiki

Question & Answer

Q: is it recommended to use NetWeaver platform over BI platform
A: Support NetWeaver today; will learn if 2.x will be supported on NetWeaver
Recommend go for BI Platform
Q: Is there any strategy in future to build Design Studio Dashboards without writing scripts..because Users like DS format and features..when it comes to Self service , its too much complex.
A: Use the templates

So for both Lumira and DS, the versions will be 1.x with some patches in the middle and then toward around Q4/Q1, 2.x is planned for release, which of course comes with some major features that people have been asking for

Q: Based on what I see in the SAP Wiki, DS Applications are not supported for Promotion Mgnt. Is this not the case? Based on Wiki page, updated 2 days ago, DS Applications (plus ccomponents) are not supported for Prom. Mgnt. and Version Mgnt. Is this accurate?
A: bookmarks are not supported, but application itself can be promoted since 4.1 SP2
Q: Will the process flow change with 2.x?
A: It’s too early to comment if the process flow would change with 2.x. We will provide you the link for the process flow which would be updated if there is any change.

Q: BI4.x Version required for  2.x
A: Think it was 4.1 sp6or7 and 4.2 sp2 for the new lumira 2.0; 2.x we would have to wait to confirm about supported version

Q: BEx query limitations
A:  In regards to the Bex queries limitations – as it uses BICS the SAP safety belt limitation on the BW server would be your restriction – by default 500K CELLS (not rows)

Q: When will Design Studio sizing be included as an integral part of the BI Platform Sizing guide? Currently it’s a SAP note which is not very clear to follow. Thanks
A: will connect with the developer team on this

Q: Are there any plans to help customers migrate from Dashboards to Design Studio by proving a migration utility ?
A: No per the roadmap

SAP Note 1127156
Q: When expect conversion from BEx WAD to Design Studio
A: no conversion planned

Q: Can we connect Webi reports to Design Studio for dashboarding?
A: you can use the APOS add-on to use Web Intelligence as a Data Source to Design Studio

Q: Is BI Web Service coming for Design Studio?
A: Not working on now; focusing on universe support; post in Idea Place at

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