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Hi All,

Design Studio Version Used for this Blog:

In this blog I’ll highlight few simple but important things to note while working on few components/functionalities of Design Studio.

1) Add PDF in Technical Components if you want to add the functionality to Print in your Design Studio Application.


2) GEO Maps: Data Source for a Geo Map can be found in Additional Properties and not in the regular Properties Tab.


3) If your Geo Map does not display results as expected, try the different options available in GeoJSON Mapping Property


4) Bookmarks: Design Studio Bookmarks will not work properly unless the Network Port number in Embedded Web Server is set to a number between 1024-65535 in Preferences.


5) Hierarchy Look in Design Studio: Explore the option of Compact Display available in Edit Initial View -> Rows of a Data SourceHierarchyLikeLook_Edit_Initial_View_Rows.jpgHierarchyLikeLook.jpg

6) Before starting your new Design Studio application take a minute to understand the limitations of SAPUI5 m, since you cannot go back to SAPUI5 mode once you have developed the application in m mode.

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  1. Mustafa Bensan

    Hi Pragathi,

    A couple of suggestions to improve this blog:

    1)  In point 5, I assume you intended to write “Compact Display” instead of “Custom Display”;

    2)  In point 6, when advising to consider the limitations of SAPUI5 M Mode, it would be helpful if you also shared examples of the limitations you have come across in your own use case scenarios and impact on the design decisions.




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