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SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Update & Roadmap Ahead

This was an SAP webcast today; these are my rough notes.  Any future plans are subject to change.

Source: SAP
Multiple deployment options
Lumira Cloud, Server for HANA will reach end of maintenance by end of September 2016
Recommend going forward for Lumira BI platform instead of Lumira Server for HANA
Use BusinessObjects Cloud instead of Lumira cloud
Source: SAP

Download Lumira stories to Mobile BI device


Future Direction

Source: SAP

Feedback – user experience


Source: SAP
Convergence for use cases
Source: SAP

Direction and approach
Use extensions for either Lumira/Design Studio


Source: SAP
Source: SAP

One document model

Feedback on visualization; follow Fiori like look & feel/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/8fig_986247.png

Source: SAP

Question and Answer

SAP’s Ashutosh Rastogi answered most of the questions below

Q: Creation of new Lumira docs accessing HANA views using BI launchpad is directly on server-please correct my understanding
A: Yes that’s directly on server

Q: Sorting of dimension in lumira
A: We (SAP) have sorting of dimensions in backlog, ascending, descending and custom sorts .. this is being planned for future releases

Q: when will LS4BIP for UNIX AIX will be avaliable
A: We have just released better support for Linux Redhat and Suse. Unix and AIX is in backlog
UNIX and AIX are in backlog

Q: can i access lumira from BI 4.1 sp6????
A:  Yes 4.1 SP06 is supported

Q: is hana the only datasource that will be available for new document creation via the launchpad?
A: we plan to bring this across sources

PAM Link: Here is PAM link

Q: are iPhones supported for Lumira Docs?
A: online viewing is supported for Iphone. Navite support and offile experience is supported in IPad.

Q: why sap lumira 1.31 doesn’t have the “share” tab?
A: Share functionality is integrated in Menu and context sensitive option.

Q: Lumira 1.31 offline support via BI Moble client on Android – is it supported? If yes, what is the minimum requirements – screen size, OS etc.
A: Offline is supported in iPad.

Q: seamless inter-operability beyween DS & Lumira in 2.0 would mean that a DS dashboard can be opened & edited in Lumira and vice-versa?
A: Yes

Q: Lumira 1.31 is supported for only HANA Server or can we use Universe as a source for Lumira books..
A: or creation of documents via launchpad its HANA only, however desktop can be used to connect to all sources

Q:  only export to pdf in 1.3…. other formats in 1.31?
A: No new export functionality intorduced in 1.31. We have plans to get export to PPT in future.

Q: When you say 2 clients, does it means 2 client installs on the desktop?
A: two desktop client components, each for different user persona

Q: Lumira on launchpad…support the BOE login option? i mean login to Hana using a BO user named and no a Hana User
A:  BO to HANA we support SAML trust based authentication or Kerberos SSO

Q: If there is one server add on and we don’t own lumira today, what does that mean? Does the velocity engine become part of the existing design studio license?

A: Your license entitlements do not change by convergence

Q: 1.31 substitutes Lumira and DS Add-on or we still need to wait for it? When this will be a reality?

A: that’s planned and not yet available

Q: Is design studio designer same as sap web IDE?
A: No

Q: How is Explorer being merged?  NOTHING has been done with Explorer !
A:  no planned investments on explorer. Lumira would address the data discovery use cases
In Lumira you have exploration capablities similar to Explorer experience.

Q: Any conversion for Explorer or the customers expected to create new?
A: Need to create new in Lumira. No conversion supported from explorer to Lumira.

Other (where I couldn’t match the questions):
embedding use cases would be supported by open document links
charts data can be exported, however PNG exports for charts can only be done from Viz room today

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      Author's profile photo Matteo Spagnoli
      Matteo Spagnoli

      Thanks Tammy!

      This is really helpful because, I must admit that I was starting to feel frustrated by the complexity of the various Lumira Server / Desktop / Cloud editions.

      I hope that SAP will simplify the picture and offer a solid and flexible tool for data discovery.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Tammy,

      Merging two tools into one is real good. But if we get clear time line & product released with proper functionality & bug free that would be really great. I think Sap working on Lumira almost 5 years still there is lot of delta between Lumira vs Tableau.

      lumira and Tableau are similar tools.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Is there any plans to bring IDT functionality into HANA studio. SAP is ignoring  IDT as part of

      S4HANA, BW4HANA and BO Strategy. SAP is releasing Business content both S4HANA CDS views and BI content Adv DSO composite providers ...etc. as part this strategy if SAP release IDT universes or modern HANA studio IDT that would be great and lot of flexibility to the customer and SAP example per module SD 3 to 4 IDT universe with SAP UI description at universe level.

      What it means is IDT is the primary sources for all HANA SQL based access for Lumira Design studio, WEBI and crystal reports for operational and strategy solutions and common intraface for all reporting tools SAP and Non-SAP.

      I know if your trying to use hierarchical reports it does not work in this case we can access directely HANA Views or BEx queries. it is very deficult to bring IDT functionality to CDS views or CAL views hence enhancing IDT and bring this function into Hana studio is great idea good for SAP customers.