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This article explains how we can  make use of icons in the SAP Reports without any additional coding to make the Selection Screen more presentable.


I usually come across reports that look the same when I execute them.They give a dull feeling  with the same select options with two blanks separated by ‘to’.However you can try and add icons to your selection text to make it look presentable.Normal Selection screens look like this:


To add icon to your screen element,first you need to find an icon that corresponds to your element.Go to SE16n and have a look in the ‘icon’ table.


It will display the list of available icons that you can use.


You can search through the table using the find option.Search a keyword for your element,for example ‘Manager’.


Once you get your desired icon,copy the icon from the ID column and paste it in a notepad file.


Copy what you get when you paste in notepad and go to your selection texts in your report.


Paste it with  your text and then save and activate it.An icon will appear with that element on selection screen.


You can do likewise for all other elements and make your screen more presentable and readable to your client.


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  1. Richard Harper

    What happens when you are using standard SAP data dictionary elements and your report is run in multiple languages ?

    It’s a nice idea but not really practical for a multi-lingual system.  I’ve implemented the same type of idea using macros (which although yours is without coding) still simplifies the displays of icons,  allows them to change dependant on the value of the parameter and crucially does not stop the report being run in multiple languages.


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