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Mass Creation of Business Partners and Policies in SAP FS Policy Management Solution

Executive Summary:

This blog describes the pain points that we encountered at a specific insurance customer in Netherlands and along, the solution that we implemented and which we’re ready to offer as service to our insurance customers.

The main driver for building such a functionality was to generate a similar volume of data with the one customer possesses or expects to have. The attention of this exercise draws towards business content and structure analysis.

Our investigations reveal that such an approach improves communication with customers, delivery times of services and reduces the cost for our customers

The need to analyze our customer’s insurance product complexity in regards to structure and entities (from Business Object Model), together with the idea of keeping costs to a minimum edge, drove us in the direction to conclude such a functionality, that is supposed to offer us a comprehensive sandbox environment in which we can further analyze and find solutions for current and future problems.

The blog evaluates these pain points and concludes that it would be an ideal candidate to meet the challenge presented by our insurance customer and could satisfy the new service demand in regards to safeguarding of insurance portfolio, since it significantly reduces delivery time and increases accuracy of a comprehensive solution proposal, as well as can open the doors to forecasting your insurance solution data growth and future strategies to follow in order to run with a lower TCO.


  • – Emphasize a future strategy for data volume growth and system performance.
  • – Sustains safeguarding services like Business Process Performance Optimization to run smooth at an accurate pace and affordable cost.
  • – Overall view on system behavior with load at different capacities
  • – Linear forecast for data volume growth can be derived

When to use:

Suggestion is to use such a report during the run phase of your sap implementation when the prerequisites are easily available.


  • Optional: Customer’s SAP Policy Management structure / customizing has to be copied (no insured business data required)
  • Mandatory: Reference policies on different levels of complexity as well as business partners need to be created in the system. This data will serve as a basis for executing the mass policy generation. A close similitude with customer’s business content complexity and structure must be achieved at this step.
  • Mandatory: Specific namespace customizing package for generated business partners and policies

How it works:

The mass creation of business partners and insurance policies functions by the described behavior:

It generates copies of existing insurance policies and business partners under a certain range of numbers by using random business partners like:

  • – For each created policy, the business partner (taken only from the generated ones) is picked up from a business partner selection range on the initial screen of the report
  • – In turn, the business partners are generated by another program using the same number range concept
  • – On the initial screen for mass policy generation, the number of policies to be generated is to be specified along with a template policy number which is used as a reference to it

Initial screen mass policy creation screen shot:


Business partner mass partner creation screen shot:


What is generated:

Insurance policies and corresponding random generated business partners based on initial reference data.

For each created policy, the business partner is picked from a business partner selection range (only from the ones which were generated) on the initial screen of the report.

Current Limitations:

The policy processing status is not altered, the journal entries will have an indicator of change due to the generation and behavior of custom entities content is currently not evaluated.

Future plans:

  • – Performance KPIs / parallelization
  • – Select the Template directly and then specify a policy of reference for each of the templates; as addition the number that’s to be generated can be specified here as default


Active Global Support:
Florin Niculescu ( – Insurance Safeguarding Portfolio

Vamsi Mohana Mamillapalli ( – Delivery Factory for Financial Services

Logical Flow:


Design view:

There are two design approaches to achieve the purpose of the blog:


Function module

Standard Interface

To transfer an application in FS-PM and process the input data with a remote-enabled function module


FS-PM mass migration interface

Policy Migration: (FS-PM) Migration of In-Force Business(Restricted Release for Migration)


This solution is based on report /PM0/ABQ_MIGRATION_TEST, which is to read the data of a policy in FS-PM and formats it for data migration. It simulates data migration by creating one or more copies of an existing policy.

Steps for mass generation of policies:

  1. User inputs reference policy id, no. of policies to be created, and business partner value range
  2. During execution, we use the method: /PM0/ABQ_MIGRATION_TEST->class lcl_migration ->load method to load data.
  3. Convert the data returned by the method to match with the interface of function module /PM0/ABQ_POL_MASSMIGR
  4. During the conversion data can be further amended.
  5. Call function /PM0/ABQ_POL_MASSMIGR to create, save and release policies.
  6. Output created policy ids and messages.

Steps for mass generation of business partners:

  1. User inputs business partner ID and No. of business partners to be created.
  3. Generate random names for business partners to be created.
  4. Create new business partners with generated names using the function modules: BAPI_BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA, BUPA_IDENTIFICATION_ADD and BAPI_BUPA_BANKDETAIL_ADD.
  5. Call function BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT to Commit successfully created BP(s).
  6. Output the range of created business partner IDs and messages.


Mass generation of policies: Z_COPY_POLICY

Mass generation of business partners: Z_CREATE_BP

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      Author's profile photo Siegward Brunner
      Siegward Brunner

      Hi Florin,

      I agree this is important to create test environments closer to reality. For an ongoing FS-PM mass performance test together with IBM, Marko Kundacina created a similar report in the IBM system. We already created 200k contracts each for Life, P&C and Auto. From AGS, Nina Loecke is involved.

      Best regards, Siegward