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How to send PDFs to Print Queue with ABSL

Hi everyone,

Here is how to use OutputManagementUtilities.CreatePrintQueueItem to send custom PDFs to Print Queue.


Please check this help document : Set Up Printing Using the Print Manager

Here is ABSL code.

Print ABSL.png

There is alsoĀ  OutputManagementUtilities.CreatePrintQueueItemWithFormTemplate method. But we cannot use it successfully, yet. Please share us back if you know how.

Best Regards,


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    • Hi Rudhra,

      According to the error message, you are using invalid Print User ID.

      Is “99994” the print user assigned to the print queue “Queue1” ?

      Like this:

      Queue setting.png

      Best Regards,


        • Hi Rudhra,

          PrintUUID is just a temp variable. You don’t event have to use it.

          After CreatePrintQueueItem has been successfully processed, your PDF will be added to Queued Document of the print queue (in your case CustomForm)”.

          Have you checked it in Queued Document?

          Queued Document.png

          Printing from the print queue to the printer is handled by Print Manager.

          Please check Help Document : Set Up Printing Using the Print Manager

          Best Regards,


          • Hi Rudhra,

            1. You need to set “Save After Execution” in BOAction. Did you check it?

            2. Have you done setting up SAP Print Manager? Sometimes, SAP Print Manager works a bit strange. It set print tasks to “Processed” before the documents have been actually printed. Please also check your PDF in Processed Documents.

            Best Regards,


          • Dear Fred,

            Thanks for your continuous support , we got up-to the Queued document,

            but dont know how to do the printing from here

            can you guide me




          • Hi Rudhra,

            1. Download SAP Print Manager from Download Center

            2. Install on a server  (just like we do for a print server) which needs to run 24/7.

            3. Configure Print Manager (Connecting Print Queue and Print Manager)

            Please check : Help Document : Set Up Printing Using the Print Manager in Help Center.

            Best Regards,


          • Dear Fred, Rudhra


            Could you please share your idea that why the document name always be “Test Print Page”?


            I have tried to change it several times but not success.



            Best Regards,

            Krit R.