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SIT Gurgaon 2016 – A Short Wrap Up

Hi all,

With the help of this blog I am going to share the short recap of the SIT event that took place at Gurgaon on Saturday, 11 June 2016.I would like to thanks Leon Limson for managing the event and coordinating the activities which made the event a huge success.

I must say it was a wonderful learning experience. Colleagues from different parts of the country visited the campus hosted by TCS. Some of them were participant and others were speakers.

On the day of event, I reached TCS campus at around 10 AM in the morning which was the usual time for the event to start. The event began with the Keynote presentation from Velliangiri Shanmugam, Vice President , SAP Labs. It was the wonderful speech which gave an overview of various SAP technologies and their roadmap. After the Keynote presentation, we were divided into four Tracks. Each Track had parallel sessions going on and participants according to their interest area could attend any of the Track.

Luckily I also got the chance to be the speaker at the event. I delivered presentation on the topic “Hana Cloud Platform and SAP Lumira” which was covered in Track 4. There were other sessions also related to Hana Cloud in the same track which were very informative.There were two High Tea breaks and one lunch break in between which allowed us to interact more with the participants.

As for my topic I will briefly explain here. It basically helps us to understand how we can utilize Hana Cloud at the backend and SAP Lumira at front end. We can integrate these two by creating a Db Tunnel so that data uploaded in Hana Cloud can be utilised by SAP Lumira for developing beautiful visualizations. I made use of Eclipse IDE for modelling of HANA views. Also I showed the demo on how to create an XS application on Hana Cloud platform itself.

All the slides/presentations of the event have been posted at this link  SAP Inside Track Gurgaon 2016 – Agenda so that its easy to refer any point of time.

This event not only serves as the learning platform where we learn and discuss but also a platform where we can connect. Networking plays a crucial role in every department.

In the end, there was the award ceremony where speakers were awarded the certificate of appreciation for the work they performed to deliver the presentation and also a small memento from the TCS folks.


I was delighted after receiving the certificate and memento as this gives us the encouragement and motivation to continuing work with same enthusiasm and dedication.

I hope there would be more SIT events organised in Northern Part of the India and people would definitely like to participate and contribute more. Will keep the blog short so that people do not get bore.

Thanks a lot once again for reading my blog!! Feedback, likes, shares and comments are appreciated.

Signing off the blog !! Bbb—bye 🙂 🙂

With Regards,
Saurabh Raheja

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