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Mass uploading of Test Cases in Solution Manager

Hi Guys,

Please find the below Steps regarding how to upload multiple test cases in SAP Solution Manager in a one go (without doing any configuration)

I hope this will help you a lot for uploading Multiple Test cases in Solman at once and reduce your workload.

Mass uploading of Test Cases in SAP Solution Manager


1. Need an access for SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN

2. If you have your test cases in excel files please put XLS in File Extension and Tick on Blueprint Relevant or if you have a word document put DOC. (Step for how to do this :-


> Double click on your project

> Click on “Project Standards” Tab

> Click on “Documentation Types” Tab

> Click on “Project Template” button

> Under “Complete Directory Of Document Types”  you can see Documentation Type “ATC” — Put File extension XLS – Tick on Blueprint – Relevant

> Select row “ATC” and shift it under Project Doc. Types

> You can see now in under both now


> Click on Check button – Click on Save button 

Steps to upload Multiple Test cases in Solution Manager:-

Please note: In this scenario we are going to upload Six Test cases in a one go.

Step 1:

Enter T.Code SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN >> Double click on Project (in which you want  to upload test cases.

Step 2:

Click on Edit >> Fill Business Blue Print >> Create Template File >> Select Test Cases >> Save the file in XLS format

Step 3:


Open XLS file which you have saved >> Now you can see the Business Process Scenarios under Name column.

Step 4:

Put TWTD under Test cases column (Make sure you need to put this only in front of your Business scenario >> Put a proper Node Level >> NODE_TYPE >> NODE_TEXT >> NODE_SCOPE >> NODE_ID


Step 5:

Put the file path under File Path columns. (File path of test cases which you want upload)

And don’t forget to put file extension code e.g.


Step 6:

Put all the information as below:-


Step 7:

Save and close the above excel file.

Step 8:

Login in to SAP Solman >> Enter T.Code SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN >> ADMIN >> Double click on your Project >>   Click on Edit >> Fill Business Blue Print >> Upload File >> Test Cases >> Select your excel file >> Click on Open button >>


Click on Continue button


Click on Continue button


Click on Continue button

You will be back to Project Screen >> Save >> Got message “Data has been saved”

Step 9:

Enter T.Code SOLAR02 and you get the result as expected i.e. upload 6 test cases in the scenario which you have selected:




Thank you. I hope this help.


Rohan Shirude

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  • Hi, question. Does this also work if you decide later to add let’s say 10 additional cases? Because if I load new cases, the existing ones get deleted… 

    • Hi Kasper,

      Yes… you can add 10 additional cases later but you need be very careful when you are modifying the Test Template which you get from SOLMAN_PROJECT_ADMIN.

      Please let me know if you have any issue with the same.

      Thank you.

      Rohan Shirude


        Thanks Rohan, I was actually looking for a solution for adding documents to our project, because it looks similar to testcases.

        We tested loading it for some word documents but that resulted that the existing ones in the project got lost. We also have multiple documents (hundreds!) to load to an existing project but we do not want to lose the existing documents (also hundreds).

  • Hello,


    We have a requirement to upload multiple test cases in the Solution Documentation(SOLDOC transaction) of Solution Manager 7.2. Is it necessary to create a project for this?How do I get the Node ID for each node where I want to upload document.

  • Dear Rohan

    Good morning.

    I have seen persons with me on a project creating test case steps 1 by 1 from MS Excel. Is there a way to use a template and upload all the steps for a test script into Solution Manager in the Test Plan component for testing?

    My head tells me there should be a way as in HPQC one can import the test case (script) steps from Excel.

    Thanks for your time and assistance.

    Kind regards



  • Dear Rohan

    Thanks so much for your help. Noted thanks.

    In HPQC one can import from an Excel file the test script steps and the steps are then automatically created.

    This is not possible in Solution Manager?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Vincent,

      Not sure but if we can try it through by making excel macro’s and upload the test cases in Solman 7.2 in mass.

      but yes we need a Ms-Excel Macro expert…:)


      Best regards,

      Rohan Shirude


      • Hi Rohan

        Thanks for your time and willingness to help.

        Would have liked to help my colleagues. Creating 50 test cases in Excel and then copying one step description at a time to Solution Manager to create a new step, is such a waste of time and resources.

        I believe there should always be a way to do things easier and simpler.

        Kind regards