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How to reset the sccadmin password for SCC (SAP Control center) ?

Passencrypt utility is located in the SCC bin directory. 

Passencrypt uses the SHA-256 hash algorithm for passwords used in the PreConfiguredLoginModule in csi_config.xml.

Please follow the below steps to reset password of sccadmin user :

1. cd $SYBASE/SCC-3*/bin

2. Run command “passencrypt -csi” and input desired password(For example:SAP).

   * Password: <input desired pw,for example:SAP> – note that it is not echoed to the screen that generates a pwd like this


3. Take backup and then Edit csi_config.xml file located in $SYBASE/SCC-3*/conf, Copy/paste the encrypted password for sccadmin user.

    For example:

      <!– Default SCC admin account: sccadmin –>

      <authenticationProvider controlFlag=”sufficient”


          <options name=”username” value=”sccadmin”/>

          <options name=”password” value=”{SHA-256:j/m5W2iNjKA=}DDBxzbNdiNckWTp4pNrML8NmYeTYDro14v+2w3lUWFg=”/>

          <options name=”roles” value=”SCC Administrator”/>


4. Save the csi_config.xml file.

5. Restart SCC( SAP Control Center).

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