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How to mark Business Partners for Deletion in S4 HANA

The following blog provides a comparison of how the process of marking vendors for deletion is different between legacy ECC system and new S4 HANA system.

How we used to Flag for Deletion in ECC

In legacy ECC environment, vendors could be flagged for deletion at the vendor master level using transaction XK02. At the vendor master level you could go to Extras -> Deletion Flags



At the following screen, the users could selectively flag for deletion at All Areas, Selected Company Code and Selected Purchasing Organization



The other option users had was to use transaction XK06 to flag for deletion Centrally  /wp-content/uploads/2016/06/3_984178.jpg

The third option users had was to use transaction MK06 to flag for deletion at the Purchasing Organization level.



How we now have to flag Business Partners for deletion in S4 HANA

With S4 HANA 1511 and above SAP has introduced the concept of business partners and the concept of vendors is obsolete. So the way to flag vendors for deletion has changed as well.

Here is a Business Partner which is a vendor and is displayed via T Code BP. Notice that under the Extras menu there is no option of flagging the Business Partner for deletion


The Archiving Flag can now be found in the General View -> Status tab. This will flag the Business Partner for deletion at an overall level.



The other option is to flag Business Partners for deletion is at the company code level. Users can selectively choose for which company codes the Business Partner needs to be flagged



With the concept of Business Partners the transactions XK06 and MK06 are obsolete. Now you can use the transaction BUPA_PRE_DA to flag multiple Business Partners for deletion as the same time.

The e.g. shown below is for one Business Partner. Execute the transaction with the Test Run flagged and review the log




Once successful, run the transaction without the test run flag



The system will prompt and ask for confirmation. Select Yes



The log will show that the run was successful



At the BP transaction, the same Business Partner has a STOP sign and at the Status tab the “Archiving Flag” is flagged



At the BP table, BUT000 – XDELE is flagged



At the vendor table, LFA1 – LOEVM is flagged


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    • Hi Pedro,

      You can block at the P.Org Level using the following flag :-


      The program flags for deletion at an overall level only.

      • Thank you for your quick response. One quick question, I have heard people saying these changes are not part of all S4 systems, I mean, they say that the earliest releases of S4 don't include these changes, is it true? what about logistics, are the changes already out?

        Thank you!

  • Thanks for this detailed walkthrough, Akash!

    So setting the "Archiving Flag" actually means "mark for deletion", right?

    But what is the next step, how do you actually delete (remove from the DB) a Business Partner?



  • Hi,
    Thanks for this useful information.
    I have a query regarding the deletion flag at Company Code level. The screenshot shows the deletion indicator 'CoCd del. block' is to be used to block a BP at CC level. However, the F1 description of this field states that 'This indicator specifies that the company code-specific data in the master record may not be deleted.' which means that if this flag set, the company code related information for the BP cannot be blocked/deleted.
    Can you please re-confirm the same?

  • Thank you, Akash ! The differences in both ECC and S/4 HANA are very well explained.

    Do you have similar document/blog for BP setup itself ? For example, how are  different vendor account groups and number ranges mapped, vendor setup for Intercompany Stock Transport Order, Classification, One time vendor etc.

  • Thks Akash for the explanation above, it was very useful, however I still have a gap on our current functionality.

    In our current ECC system we mark vendors for deletion in FK06, for specific CoCds, using deletion flag for selected CoCds. That reflects in tables as LFB1-LOEVM. The procedure shown by you above mimics ECC FK06 Deletion flag for all areas (LFA1-LOEVM). Is there a similar way to perform same action only for specific CoCd and get it reflected in LFB1-LOEVM?

    You showed a flag in BP Tcode called "CoCd del. block", however it is confusing, because if you check teh help for it in fact it is not a deletion flag, but exactly opposite: It prevents the deletion of that CoCd specific data. From standard help for that flag"

    "Deletion bock for master record (company code level)

    This indicator specifies that the company code-specific data in the master record may not be deleted."

    I'd really appreciate if you can show similar procedure to teh one above for specific CoCd deletion flag (LFB1-LOEVM).


    Thks in advance,




  • Hi Javi,

    Did you find a solution for above regarding the "deletion block for master record on CC level".
    We are investigating the same right now as we are going on 1610.



  • /
  • Hi guys,

    Any idea why I can not find this tab (Vendor: Status)  in the BP Transaction.

    I've checked the configuration in BUPT under "Business Partner Control"->"Screen Layout"->"Screens" and I can not find any "Vendor: Status" screen

    is it a standard screen or something that you get created just for you?


    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi all,

    1. I built a business custom Catalog/ role which have access to tile "Maintain business partner". Our business requires 2 different kinds of role. One role to have access to Maintain business partner tile that must have Craete,Change,Display and Block BP capability but NOT Archive. Second role that must ONLY have access to delete BP.

    2. I built a role for "Vendor change" with Custom catalog that has visibility for Tile "Maintain Business partner". This tile on providing access to auth object B_BUPA_RLT with ACTVT 02 is also enabling Archive button. Is there a way to separate Block and Archive capability authorization?

    3. I am looking to build another role that should have capability to delete Vendor or delete BP. I could not locate an app for it. Is there are an App specific to it associated to tcode BUPA_DEL? If not how to delete BP for vendor master?

    Kindly advise if you have any thoughts about it.



  • Hi,


    Could you please let me know how to un flag the business partner, i do see red stop button beside business partner as mentioned above one of the image