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WKS: Duration display format in TM

When looking at durations in TM UIs you typically see something like this, in thehhhh:mm format, so for example 64 hours look like this


This is ok for shorter durations, but when crossing the 100h it might be hard to read.

There is a user parameter SZN which can be used to change the format:


When set to 1 it will be displayed as ddd hh:mm, so the 64 hours are 2 days and 16 hours


When set to 2 it shows it in ddd,dd, so parts of a day, so in our example 2 days and 2/3 of a day… looks very special to me, so it´s more for the sake of completeness to mention it here…


When set to 3 it shows our default hhhhhh:mm format as shown at the beginning.

As a side note: On the database it is always stored as hhhhhh:mm:ss.

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  • Thanks for the hint with the user parameter.

    Shouldn't the label then either consider this parameter (and therefore change depending on the parameter value) or should not show a time format at all?