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C4C Support Portal – Trouble shooting FAQ

Support Portal

Trouble shooting FAQ

C4C Admin guide – SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – SAP Help Portal Page (search for Administrator Guide, open guide and then search for ‘Configure Your Customer Service Portal’)


Question – I see lock signs on the tiles or I get an unauthorized access error



  1. Customer portal scenario – Please confirm you have contact in C4C with same email as portal user’s email.
  2. Employee portal – Please confirm that you have employee in C4C with same email as portal user’s email.

Question – I cannot see all the content; widget appears to be cut off


Answer: In Edit mode, increase size of widgets.

Question – Is there a setting for pagination?


You get Pagination after 5 conversation items in detail widget. For List widget you get pagination after 20 rows. For Create widget you get pagination in attachments only after 6 attachments

Therefore while putting up the detail widget in author mode one needs to make sure the widget is long enough to accommodate these items in default mode – if not long enough – there would no scroll bar – the items would simply get chopped off.

Question – Product dropdown, not working –


Answer: Products is tied to Product category (a parent child relationship) – much like service category! It would not work unless product category is also configured.

Question – 401 Session properties fail! Unauthorized error



If you are using customer portal scenario and HAVE employee portal scoping turned ON in the Business Configuration, you will see this error even if the contact exists in one of the accounts.  Please make sure the employee portal flag is turned OFF in business configuration if you are NOT using employee portal scenario.


Question – Are there any restrictions on the types or size of attachments that are attached to a ticket by a customer?


20 MB on the single attachment and there is a restriction on attachment types – apart from the regular virus susceptible ones (egg. Exe, dll types) there is a mime-type list that is maintained in C4C backend, which dictates what is allowed and what is not. More info, see C4C Admin guide

Question – Is the ticket not editable in tickets awaiting confirmation area?


Answer: This is expected behavior.  Once tickets are completed, they go in need confirmation mode.  It becomes read only.

Question – What kind of C4C extension fields supported on Portal?

Answer: Only 3 types of extension fields supported – list, checkbox, and textbox.

Question – How do I change/adapt fields for Ticket list columns, Ticket details fields and Ticket create fields.


  1. Go to C4C ->Administration->Service and Social->Portal screens. 
  2. Go to adapt mode, Adapt->Edit Screen. Add/change fields for ticket list, detail and create screens.
  3. Publish changes
  4. Go to Support Portal.  Log in as Admin. And clear cache.  Clear cache is additional widgets. If not enabled, include these widgets first.

Additional Info –

The URL of this new widget is https://dest.customerod/serviceportal/cache.xml

Here are the steps to do it – please ask Amit for more help if you need assistance in setting up the new site of consuming this widget.

  1. Open the site in administrative mode
  2. Go to the content section of this and a new widget of type Open

Social – just like the other C4C widgets.  Enter the URL for this widget as https://dest.customerod/serviceportal/cache.xml


3. Now go to the Site Directory Section and create a new website (only for admin purposes) and restrict its access to only Key Users (person responsible for adaptation changes in C4C).

4. Create a new page (let’s call it “Cache”) and add this “Cache” widget there and publish the site!

This is how it would look –


  1. For anytime in future anyone authorized to clear cache should be given access to this site.

Question – I’m getting a “500 Error: Session Properties Failed, Try Reload”


This generally tends to happen when an administrator is trying to log into the Support Portal with multiple accounts. This usually doesn’t happen with non-admin users who are accessing the Portal.

  1. Use the “Clear Cache” widget described in the last step to clear the cache in the Support Portal.
  2. Then, log out of all sessions of the Portal and its connected systems.
  3. Clear your browser cache, then try to login again.

Question – Setting up communication arrangement – I see this error –


Answer: Self-explanatory –  Please do make sure the communication arrangement for (“Portal Scenario”) is active in C4C system and the password you are using for setting up the system in portal (using system widget) is correct.  If you have already tried it 3 times, it might have had locked – in which case generate a new pasword and use it!  And before you do that you may want to clear the cache using cache widget and refreshing the browser.

Question –I am trying to limit the search filters in portal by going to the C4C portal queue page, and editing the screen there:


However, when I make the change, and clear the cache in the portal, it doesn’t translate across:


Answer: Filter UI customization not supported

Question – how levels of Service Category we support in our portal widgets.  Eg: If I have four levels configured in Service Category on C4C side. E: Service Category->Issue Category->Cause Category->Object Category.  Next I include these fields on Portal screens. Then do we see all these levels on portal widgets during create/edit?

Answer: Only support 2 levels of hierarchy for Service Categories and Product Categories.

Question – What is API-CUST destination and UI CUST destination

Answer :

API-CUST destination is C4C-Portal connection settings. Technical user info comes from commutation arrangement. You get this info from C4C settings. See C4C Admin guide for more details.

UI_CUST destination is for Portal UI adaption through C4C UI Adapation framework. This required C4C Adim login info. You need to provide C4C admin login info such as Adminstration01


Question – Users are getting a 200 Error when logging into the Portal



Log into your HCP account Cockpit. Then click on Subscriptions on the left-hand menu.


Then click on the seodportal application.


This will open up the configuration settings for the seodportal application. On this screen, select Destinations on the left.


This will open up the Destinations screen for the seodportal app. Select the UI_CUST destination.


This will open up the UI_CUST destination configuration settings. Update the user and password to an active C4C admin account.


Don’t find a solution here? You think its technical issue? Then ..

  1. From within C4C, create incident or
  2. From CSS NG application, please create a ticket on CSS NG (component “LOD-CRM-SRP”).

Please include these details in the incident

  1. Portal URL
  2. The email id of the portal user(s).
  3. The ticket number, which is causing an issue (if all the tickets are causing issue – then mention just one that you have SEEN causing issue)
  4. The browser information

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      Former Member

      Thanks a lot for sharing this document........ 🙂



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Kiran,

      I am getting error : “500 Error: Session Properties Failed, Try Reload”, I have created Clear Cache Widget but unfortunately there is no further step mentioned how to use clear cache. I logged in SF system as admin and I could see below disabled screen only

      Please advise how can I clear the cache using this widget. do we need to login HCP system to clear the cache?



      Author's profile photo Andrew Smith
      Andrew Smith

      Since the 6th March incident, we have experience instances where the customer cannot attach files to ticket.  Essentially at the point of selecting the ticket and clicking "open" to attach, the screen freezes.  Anyone else had this issue?

      It is specific people detailed in c4c and browser type makes no difference.