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Emily, the PerPerson’s Epic SAP SF Train Journey

PoV – Point of View a’la GRRM!

My name is Emily and I am a PerPerson residing in a SuccessFactors(SFSF) tenant data store. I do have reasons to believe that I live in the state of the art, zero carbon footprint, St. Leon Rot data centre. The fragrance of the freshly baked Pretzel is hard to ignore – especially when you have arrived here new. Like a lot of coevals around me, I did get here via the Employee Central application, apparently the best cloud HCM system on the planet. That does make me feel safe!

The Journey!
In a month from now, I got to be paid – just like the rest of the PerPersons around me. There’s a small hitch though – Acme, my employer who’s a tenant on the SFSF cloud, doesn’t use the Employee Central Payroll. Acme’s CTO decided to hold on to their OnPremise SAP Payroll. Fellow PerPerson Penny Pessimist believes it wasn’t the best move. EC and EC payroll both happen to be co-located in St Leon Rot – would’ve been a walk in the park for us lazy blokes. Now we do have to undertake a rather arduous journey to Acme’s Payroll located on premise at their server room in Berlin.

Saddle up blokes! It’s time to hop on the Compound Employee Express.

It’s 4:15 in the morning. I am sleepy, a bit tired too. The loaded march to the API station with all the new data packets – employment, job, addresses and the all important compensation is taking a toll on me.I am just waiting to doze off on the CompoundEmployee(CE) API express. Lot of blokes around me. Most of them are loaded like me – perhaps fresh hires, while some have a smaller sacks.

The CE API express arrives exactly at half past four – bang on schedule. An empty train yeh. All the blokes fit in well. The train starts chugging. Martin, the fellow passenger explains the beauty of the CE API train.

This express is first class! Invoked by the SAP’s Hana Cloud Platform Integration Services (SAP HCP IS), it runs every single day without a break. Doesn’t leave anyone behind and most importantly ensures that blokes can carry all the load possible in a single go – a bloke who has deposited his data at the payroll system hardly has to visit them again, unless he has some changes on her data – like a raise or a climb up the ladder!

As the chatter subsides, I look at the route map in the train. We’re zipping through the time tested core hybrid route over the secure high speed http railroad. It’s nearly time to off-board. The PA announces that we’re at the SAP HCP IS hub. Here we get mapped to our aliases on the ERP system. Our aforementioned data packets are restructured into global data types to suit the new datastores aka infotypes, and we are chauffeured away to the Employee Masterdata SOAP API train. The conductor explains the legacy of the ERP SOAP API train and how the Global Data Types came to being as a part of Process Integration Council regulation. As he harps on further, the PA announces “We are at the great fire wall of Acme, time to make some pics”

We are an excited bunch of blokes. The firewall is massive yeh! Just like the wall in Game of Thrones, but on fire! We’re given a safe path through the firewall. We are now officially within Acme’s Berlin office – knocking distance from our final destination. Acme’s security probably puts even Alcatraz’s at shame. The train stopsat the Acme’s Process Integration station for a thorough security check. As a security measure, the wheel of the train is taken over by Acme’s own railroad drivers. That way no outsider will ever know the route from the PI station to the sacrosanct ERP HCM station.

Next stop – Berlin Central!
Berlin Central is the nickname for the ERP HCM system. A misnomer? or another elaborate security cover? nobody knows.

We’re finally offloaded off all our data packets in an orderly fashion. First we are segregated into new hires and existing employees. Then all our data packets are checked for consistency, correctness and completeness. Once all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, our data is committed to their infotypes. Yay, I am done! I successfully replicated myself. Almost as I was planning an impromptu visit to the Reichstag, the authorities flagged me down and put me on the confirmation train waiting to zip back to St Leon Rot. What?! Why?! By the time I answered these, I was back at my home abode in Employee Central. A green check against my name in the replication monitor was definitely worth a celebration – although I do still lament not visiting the Reichstag, especially when I was so close.

It wasn’t a stroll in the park, but wasn’t an arduous journey either” – gotta tell Penny Pessimist the next time I meet her.

Obvious disclaimers
[1] all images from internet – rights belong to owners. Let me know if I infringe any rights, I will take the image(s) down immediately
[2] all characters are fictitious.
[3] some links might need an S-user
[4] first published on L’in

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      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon

      Very nice explanation.....but now you are telling me that if my company wants SuccessFactors, we gotta by a train too?!?!? HAHAHAHA

      Thanks for making it a fun story!