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We have SAP BW / IP system and we also have SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded version running as EPM tool. In our example, key user will lock the planning data from BPC interface. Once user locks the data, no one can input / edit the locked data in planning cube. The documents will helpful who is using BPC 10.1 Embedded version as EPM tool and he is also using BW HANA PAK. The BW reporting tool is Analysis Office.

System Architecture:

Planning sequence created on top of aggregation level. User interface run the planning sequence via analysis office. Needless to show the below activity, I am assume user can create the same.

Ø  Create a Planning Cube.

Ø  Create an Aggregation Level

Ø  Create Filter, planning Function and Planning Sequence.

Ø  Attached the planning sequence in Analysis office.

BPC can have process template and process template is attached with same as analysis office template which we created in planning application. Once the BPC process template instantiated we can find the work status information as we have created work status during creation of BPC process template. Needless to show the below activity, I am assume user can create the same.

Ø  Create a BPC Process Template from BPC interface.

Ø  Add the Analysis Office Planning Workbook from process Template.

Ø  Instance the BPC process template.

Ø  From BPC My activities user can lock/unlock work status.

Once key user lock the work status via BPC interface then it will store the data in BPC Planning Cube. This is not the same cube where Analysis office planning application created. When Analysis office template run then data slice will check the BPC work status information and the data slice will allow / protect the data for planning via analysis office.


In our planning Cube, we have Comp Code, Planning Year, Planning Version and Planning Submission besides other info objects. Business requirement is combination of Comp Code, Planning Year, Planning Version and Planning Submission information will be locked by key user or super user. The work status information will be stored in BPC Cube. When planning function will run it will check runtime whether the BPC work status for Comp Code, Planning Year, Planning Version and Planning Submission information is locked or not.

Ø  A Planning Sequence created on the top of planning Cube in BW side which will load the plan data. This Planning Sequence will attach in Analysis Office template.

Ø  An Exit type Data Slice created on the top of planning cube which will check runtime BPC work status information. Then it will decide whether the data will be posted in Planning Cube or not.

Ø  BPC Process Template creation needs to be done. This template contains the Analysis Office Template.

Ø  Lock the work Status from BPC and run the Analysis Office Template.

This will show an error message based on error message selected in data slice exit.

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  1. Gregor Dieckmann


    some remarks:

    1 If you configure work status in BPC Embedded then this works out of the box. There is no need to implement an exit data slice. More precisely, you have to set the environment, model information in the AO workbook under the planning tab. EPM Add-In has the environment, model information in the connection.

    2 RSPLAN is the modeling and test environment for BW-IP/PAK; there BPC Embedded settings – by definitions – are not known; this is why in RSPLAN the BPC work status setting is not taken into account.

    3 Whether your exit implementation works depends also on the work status configuration. E.g. you can have a ‘negative’ work status, i.e. the work status does not contain the locked objects but the not locked objects. In addition, just reading the work status table, you miss all the owner, manager logic implemented in work status.



    1. ARUP GOSWAMI Post author

      Dear Mr. Dieckmann,

      Thanks for your remarks. Let me allow to answer.

      1> In our project, our client not at all using the EPM Add-In. I am not aware why they have not done. I can say one thing that the normal BPC functionality is not working (Work status is locked but able to push data in planning) , I have to go for this out of the box exit solution.

      2> If you kindly share specific information regarding settings then i can provide you the settings.

      3> BPC architect told us they need only lock/unlock information , I have gone table level information otherwise I would have gone to cube level information. There I can find every information what u need for BPC.

      Will I able to clear your queries? Will wait for your further  feedback.




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