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Production planning- Process Industry

Production planning- Process Industry


1. Create Order Type for Process Order using Tcode CORN   

Process Order Type: PI01

Enter order category as 40 (process order) and order type as PI01 and save the order type


2. Create Order Type Dependent Parameters using Tcode COR4

Assign Order type PI01 to plant 1000 and save the order dependent parameters

3. Create Production Scheduling Profile using Tcode CORY

In ‘Automatic actions’ on release select all the three functions and save production scheduling profile



4. Specify Scheduling Parameter using Tcode OPUZ

Create scheduling parameters as per requirement



5. Specify confirmation Parameter for order type PI01


6. Create Control Recipe Destination using Tcode O10C

Control recipe destination is a Process control system, line operator, or group of line operators that receives

and executes control recipes.

Control Recipe destination: G2


Enter plant, control recipe destination, destination type as 4 (browser based PI sheets) and address of

operator and save the destination

7. Copy standard characteristics and message categories to the client

Execute adopt predefined characteristics, adopt predefined message categories and adopt predefined display




8. Create characteristics for process messages and process instructions using Tcode O27C

Enter description, characteristics group as process message characteristics or process instruction characteristics.

Also enter data type, number of char, number of decimals and unit of measure and save the characteristic




9. Create Process Massage Destination using Tcode O03C

Process Message destination: PL01

Process massage destination is a User or component to which process messages are sent for processing.

Enter destination name, Type and destination address and save



10. Create process message categories using Tcode O13C

Process message category: K001

Enter process message category and its description and double click on ‘characteristics/message categories’

and then assign the required characteristics

Now double click on destinations/message categories and enter the process message destination previously




11. Create Process Instruction Category using Tcode O12C

Enter instruction category name, description and process instruction category type

Process instruction category: A001, Process instruction type: 1 (Process parameters)


Double click characteristics/process instruction categories and enter required characteristics and its values which will get displayed in PI sheet as process parameters 



Now create second category K001 with category type as 2 (Process data request) and double click on characteristics/process instruction categories.

Enter required characteristics as well as predefined characteristics and their values as below and save the characteristics.

In PI sheet, the process instruction destination has to fill this data and send it to the process message destination


Master Data 

1. Create finished product and its raw materials using Tcode MM01

Finished product: ICE CANDY1     Raw Materials: 7000000116, 7000000117

On ‘work scheduling’ view of finished product, enter production scheduling profile as G001 and save the material

2. Create finished product BOM using Tcode CS01

Enter the ingredients and quantity in which they are required and save the BOM



3. Create Resource using Tcode CRC1

     Resource: MIXER



4. Create Master Recipe using Tcode C201

In recipe header enter status and usage and the go to ‘Operation’ tab

Enter Phases and operations with required resource and control key also enter the process instruction destination.




Now save the master recipe and again go to change master recipe using Tcode C202 and then go to ‘Material’ tab

In production version enter ‘alternative BOM’ and ‘BOM usage’ and select ‘Check’, system will automatically pic the correct BOM.



Now go to ‘operation’ tab and select phase to which the process instructions are to be assigned and then


For auto goods issue and auto goods receipt select last phase and go to process instructions tab and assign  standard process instructions PROD_5 (auto goods receipt) and CONS_5 (goods issue), assign CONS_5 two times as there are two ingredients that needed to do goods issue.




Now double click on CONS_5 and assign ingredient number and its base unit of measure to respective characteristics, repeat same for other ingredient.

Now select Go To- Process management- simulate PI sheet for control recipe destination




System will show the simulation of PI sheet which will be sent to control recipe destination

Phase: 0020        




Phase: 0040 

Phase: 0080 

Now save the control recipe        


Business process steps

1. Create Process Order Manual using Tcode COR1

Enter required quantity and release the order


Once release is carried out, the system will give the message as 

As it’s mentioned in production scheduling profile that generate control recipe at the order release, now save  The order.

2. Order confirmation using Tcode COR6N

Enter the order number and phase no. and save the confirmation, similarly do the confirmation of all the phases.




2. Control recipe monitor using Tcode CO53

Select ‘created/sent’ tab to access generated control recipe  




Now select the control recipe and select ‘Send’ to send the recipe to control recipe destination

The system will give message as     




3. Maintain PI Sheet using Tcode CO55/CO60

Select the PI sheet and select  

Enter the actual values of process parameters that is speed, temperature and viscocity

Enter quantity of finished material to do goods receipt and quantities of raw materials to post goods issue 

Now select ‘complete’ to complete the document and generate process messages



4. Process message monitor using Tcode CO54

Select ‘To Be Sent’ tab to view and edit the process messages

PI_CRST: Process message to change status of control recipe to ‘Executed’

K001: Process message of actual readings of process parameters

PI_PROD: Process message for goods receipt of finished product

PI_CONS: Process message for goods issue of raw materials

Now first to post the goods issue select the PI_CONS message and select




Here enter the storage location in front of characteristic PPPI_STORAGE_LOCATION and save 

Now select both PI_CONS messages and select to send the messages at process message destinations.




Similarly enter storage location in PI_PROD message and send the message to post goods receipt,

Also check the process parameters and send K001 message to message destination, which is of SAP user type, this will trigger mail to the address mentioned.

After that send PI_CRST message which will change the status of control recipe to completed.

5. Check the status of control recipe using Tcode CO53

Status of control recipe is ‘Executed’




6. Check good issue and goods receipt documents using Tcode MB51

1. Raw material: 7000000116                



2. Raw material: 7000000116

3. Finished product: ICE CANDY1            



7. Technical completion of order and order settlement using Tcode KO88

Enter controlling area, order number and settlement period and execute





System will do the settlement of order to material as cost receiver

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      Amit Sharma

      Hello Prathamesh

      Very Nice and detailed document related process industry.

      Really appreciate yours efforts as you have shown integration with PI sheets.

      Thanx a lot for sharing..!!


      Amit Sharma

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      Mudiam Amresh Reddy

      Hello Prathamesh,

      Very help full document to the beginners to understand the basic cycle.

      Highly appreciated for clear explanation.

      if you have document related to "Batch Management", with respect to the PI, please share.



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      Former Member

      Very Useful..



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      HI ,

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      I have followed all the steps which you have explained but i am unable to eidt my fields in PI SHEET (CO60). please help me

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      Mynyna Chau

      Hi Praveen, please ask your question in SAP Community Q&A:

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      Pravin Mandgaonkar

      Nice document prathmesh..Thanks for sharing!