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Changes coming to SCN

The underlying platform SCN is moving from Jive to AnswerHub.  There will be a number of changes to how SCN operates as a result and in addition to that transition.  Primary among those are:

1.  Spaces (such as the PowerBuilder Developer Center) are going away.  Some will be replaced with Community Topic pages.  See the following for more information:

2.  The reputation program is getting a major rework.  There was a recent SAP Community Call that detailed the changes, a recording of which can be found here:

What hasn’t been announced yet is the timing.  However, I thought I would at least spread some information about the changes in advance so people are not caught unawares when they come.

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  • Thanks Bruce. Over the years I feel like this has been one of the more useful forums, so I hope it isn't going to go away completely, at least not until Appeon replace it with something.

    • Hi Aron;

        Yes, Armeen has stated a few times over the recent Appeon PB Road-Map webinars that Appeon wish to host their own PB Support Forum, Developer Network, etc. What I do not know though is what will happen to things like CodeXchange for example. Will that resource also be transferred to Appeon like the PB source code as part of the contract agreement or be forced to retire? If it is transferred, will we need to remove examples where the author thinks they have it copyrighted vs supplied as truly open source (no strings attached) to the PB community?

        Assuming the above happens, I am also not sure what SAP will do with the PB Developer Centre either. To me, it would be confusing to continue with both - yet, there is a ton of useful information that could be preserved by SAP in a "read only" (would be my suggestion) mode.

        Hopefully, we'll find out all about this soon!  😉

      Regards ... Chris

      • Yes I agree with you 100%. Ideally everything would be transferred to the new system. The best way to continue PowerBuilder's success it to have a strong community. Somewhere to ask and answer questions, code samples and somewhere to publish ideas. Half the difficult stuff I have done has been thank to Bruce Armstrong's articles and code samples, they really need to go somewhere. The other half has been thanks to answers from people like yourself on these forums.

        It would be great if Appeon could reach out to the community and ask them to find things to go onto any new system, so we can get as much as possible on to there.

        I can still remember the good old days of a PowerBuilder ring, I think that was what it was called, where people could easily advertise their PowerBuilder sites and products. It was very handy in the pre-Google days 🙂

      • Yes, Chris is right that Appeon will create its own community site, support forum, etc.  We plan to host our own developer community.  As part of our agreement with SAP we will have access to the former CodeXchange code samples, which we plan on re-hosting in our own community site.

    • StackOverflow has a lot of self-important people who like to reply "Your post is off topic" whenever they see questions about something they don't know anything about.

      • It's not my impression. I love it! It has very good mechanisms to prevent doubled answers or unqualified questions.

        The biggest advantage I see is to trigger experts from different worlds. There are a lot of questions in SDN not focused to PowerBuilder (only). It's a great idea to post with Tag [PowerBuilder], [Oracle], [SQL] if you have trouble with SQL syntax of your datawindow. Maybe you will get help from a Oracle developer not interested in PB.

        I don't see any advantage of importing the decades old newsgroup to the next shadowed place in the net. For whom is interested in put it to a blog or a wiki and go on.

        The same points for CodeExchange and GitHub.

        • I'm with Roland.  I've seen too many PowerBuilder questions closed out on StackOverflow because somebody that had a high rating in a different tool didn't understand the question.

        • I'm with Roland and Bruce too. It's good for something like C# mostly because it is such a popular language that the same questions get asked again and again so you have a chance of finding an answer before someone marks it as off topic. The SAP forums have been pretty useful, mainly because of the high calibre of the question answers 🙂

  • In case you didn't see the notice in your communication notices, they've announced the date for the move to the new platform.  The current SCN will stop taking new content on October 7th, and the new SCN will go live on October 10th.

    New Community Platform Launch - October 10

    in SCN

    Created by Sep 25, 2016

    On October 10, a new community platform will replace SCN. Spaces will not be part of this new community experience. Instead, the community platform will categorize and consolidate content using tags. In some cases, these tags will be associated with community topic pages dedicated to a specific subject.

    What does that mean for you? For one thing, you'll be unable to publish anything on the current SCN after October 7. Existing content will be migrated to the new community platform. You'll have access to this information when the new platform launches on October 10, and you'll also be able to publish new content there.

    We are currently in beta for the new community platform. Please note that if you publish content on the new beta platform, it will not be carried over once the site goes live on October 10.

      • We are planning to use Drupal Commons.  It should be launched in 1st half of 2017 (before or together with the release of PowerBuilder 2017).  In Q4 of this year we will be launching a new Website with e-commerce capabilities to make it convenient to renew your PowerBuilder subscriptions.

    • I tried the new beta and frankly I didn't find it much appealing. For one thing, the new minimalist flat design is harder to read and makes it difficult to identify content from action items. I feel the need to hover the mouse everywhere to find what is an action item and what is not. And the lack of boxes or frames makes me feel a little bit like in space with no reference point.

      But anyway, what concerns me most is the demise of Spaces replaced by Tags. Does that mean I won't be able to subscribe to PB-only notifications anymore? That's not good I think. In fact, one of the test questions of the beta forum is "Is following tags really working?".

      Hopefully we won't have to deal with that because Appeon is going to open a new PowerBuilder community platform. Right? 😐

      • Yes, Appeon's new PowerBuilder community in the works, and unlike SCN it's only focused on PowerBuilder!  So nobody will find it difficult to find PowerBuilder information.  There will be tons of cool content, like code samples, how-to videos, technical articles, forums, etc.  Key members of the PowerBuilder community are helping us to populate the site with good technical content, and if anybody has anything to contribute please contact 🙂

  • THE END IS NEAR!!!!! <grin>

    Registration for SCN Is Closed

    in SCN

    Created by Oct 5, 2016

    Registration for SCN Is Closed. Please Register for the New Community.

    We are currently in the process of making the transition from SCN to a new community platform. Once we complete this transition on Monday, October 10, the SAP community will be part of, giving our site visitors a unified online experience. That means if you register for, you'll be able to access the new community platform when it launches on October 10.