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BW Upgrade to 7.4 – Steps from BW perspective

Most of the Upgrade show is run by Basis team, but BW team needs to suffice them with required information and there are lot of activities that needs to be carried out by BW team even before the start of the upgrade, without which upgrade will not be smooth.

In this document I have tried to cover the steps or activities that need to be carried out from BW perspective.

Even before the start of the Upgrade we can/should run the RSUPGRCHECK program to check the consistency of generated DDIC objects for BW metadata such as InfoObjects, InfoCubes and transfer rules. It determines whether the DDIC tables required for a BW metaobject actively exist.

This report is not only for upgrade check, can also run at regular intervals to check the consistency of the objects to keep the BW system consistent. This report is called automatically during the Prepare phase of upgrade.

If the objects are inconsistent, there is a risk that we may not be able to carry out the upgrade.

Inconsistency of the objects can be handled as below:

  • InfoObjects:
    • Transaction RSD1 -> Extras -> Repair InfoObjects (F8).
    • Choose ‘Execute repair’
    • Choose ‘Expert mode -> Object selection’
    • In the window that now appears, activate the following checkboxes, too: “Check Generated Objects”, “Activate incon. Infoobjects”, “Check DDIC Objects”, “Check Generated THJ Characts”, and “Deletion of DDIC/DB Objects”.
    • Execute the program.
  • InfoCubes:
    • Activate the InfoCubes alternatively in transaction RSA1 or RSDCUBE.
    • Alternatively, you can perform the activation using the RSDG_CUBE_ACTIVATE program.
  • Transfer structures/transfer rules
    • Activate the transfer rules in the AWB or activate them using the RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL report.
    • If the transfer rules follow the naming convention 8<NAME>, you actually have to activate the corresponding DataStore object. You can do so with the program RSDG_ODSO_ACTIVATE.

BW House keeping:

House keeping activities must be an integral part of the operational concept of a complex enterprise data warehouse. Planning the house keeping activities regularly in the system will ensure optimum utilization of system resources and thereby increasing the overall system performance.

  • Compression of InfoCube data
  • Deletion of data from the Persistent Staging Area (PSA) Data
  • Deletion of data from DataStore Object Change Logs
  • Deletion of not used dimension entries
  • Usage and filling of OLAP Cache and aggregates
  • Deletion of temporary database objects
  • Deletion of DTP Temporary Storage
  • Database Volume Statistics
  • Archiving / Deletion of BW Request Monitoring and Administration Tables
  • Filling and Clean up of BW Statistics tables
  • Deletion of DTP error logs
  • Deletion of BW Background Management (RSBATCH) information
  • BW and Database Statistics
  • Deletion of tRFC Queues
  • Archiving of IDocs
  • Deletion of logs on the Application Server
  • Deletion of empty partitions
  • Table and Index fragmentation
  • Compression on database level
  • Deletion of (unused) Aggregates
  • Deletion of (unused) queries / workbooks / bookmarks

Carrying out these activities on regular intervals ensure a healthy BW system.  There are few housekeeping activities that need to be carried out to ensure smooth upgrade/migration. Several common tasks associated with housekeeping a BW system are included in the BW housekeeping task list.

Note 1829728 – BW housekeeping task list

The Housekeeping task list can assist you with the following tasks:

  • Repairs indices on InfoCube fact table(s) at the Data Dictionary level
  • Re-assign requests written into the incorrect PSA partition
  • Ensure request consistencies throughout the PSA landscape
  • Ensure partitioned tables are correctly indexed for the PSA
  • Verify DataSource segments assignment to PSA
  • Checks BW metadata with regard to the DDIC
  • Deletes the entries that are no longer required in table RSIXW
  • Reorganize and delete bookmark IDs and view IDs
  • This program deletes RSTT traces
  • This program deletes BW statistical data
  • Delete Aggregate data via deactivation
  • Clear all OLAP Cache parameters


Apply the Note and run the tasks in advance to ensure smooth implementation of the BW Housekeeping Task List.

There are few tasks that have not yet been added to the Task List, but as well essential reducing the size of the DB:

  • Delete Error Log: RSB_ANALYZE_ERRORLOG (check) and RSBM_ERRORLOG_DELETE (delete)
  • Delete Application Log: SLG1 (check) and SLG2 (delete)
  • Delete old Job Logs: Report RSBTCDEL2
  • Delete old Bookmarks: Report RSRD_BOOKMARK_REORGANISATION
  • Clean existing Roles: Report RSWB_ROLES_REORG
  • Clean Inconsistencies in RSZ* tables: Report ANALYZE_RSZ_TABLES
  • Synch entries in the nametab tables: Report RS_NAMT_CLEAR
  • Clean single runtime objects in nametab: FuBa DD_SHOW_NAMETAB/DD_NAMETAB_DELETE
  • Clean database entries and entries which are not in nametab: FuBa DDIF_OBJECT_DELETE
  • Repair secondary InfoCube Indexes: Report SAP_INFOCUBE_INDEXES_REPAIR
  • Check inconsistencies with shadow indexes from table partitions: Report RSDU_REPART_UI
  • On MSSQL check with Report RSDD_MSSQL_CUBEANALYZE any InfoCube Inconsistencies
  • Reorganize Table OCSCMPLOBJ (activate with delete data in SE14)
  • Note 889596 – UNICODE conversion: Deleting contents of OCSCMPLOBJ
  • Check Tables DWINACTIV_A and DWINACTIV for inactive customer objects
  • Transaction RSRT and RSTT -> delete old ABAPs and Traces
  • Transaction RSSGPCLA -> delete program class for Template = RSRDUMMY, RSTMPLIR, RSTMPLDTPERR, RSTMPL81, RSTMPLDS
  • Transaction RSDDSTAT -> delete old statistical data
  • Transaction RSECADMIN -> delete old authorization logs
  • Note 1682783 – Generated programs are not deleted
  • Note 706478 – Preventing Basis tables from increasing considerably

If you are on SAP NW BW 7.31 SPS8 you can go straight to t.code STC01.

Select the steps you want to execute. Most of them only run in background mode due to their long run time. You can schedule the housekeeping items on periodic basis.

Most of the task can also be run in a check mode only. Each step is explained when you click on the document icon at the end. A couple steps are Repair related while others are for Cleanup purposes.

For detailed implementations steps refer:

All the above steps (RSUPGRCHECK and BW Housekeeping task list) can be run at regularly and is not necessary to run only if there is upgrade or migration. An upgrade project can be of 2 categories:

  1. Technical Upgrade
  2. Functional Upgrade

Technical Upgrade is only a version upgrade without any functionality changes.


Mentioned above are the different phases of Upgrade. BW activities start in Checks phase, and most of these activities would had been covered in the House keeping task list which was performed well before the upgrade. This reduces the time during the upgrade phases.


Just run through each and every step. BI activities in this phase are:

  1. Stop RDA Deamon –  this is taken care automatically no manual intervention is required.
  2. Check activate of ODS objects – this is also an automated process but need to ensure that this doesn’t result in error during the upgrade. (Run program RSAODSACTIVATE to check the inconsistent DSO objects)
  3. Check/Repair Status of Info Objects – To avoid a data loss, upgrade shutdown, and long runtimes, check the status of the InfoObjects before the upgrade.
  4. Call transaction RSD1 -> All InfoObjects -> Update.Check inconsistencies with RSZ* Tables – Report ANALYZE_RSZ_TABLES is designed as a check-tool for detecting and solving different types of inconsistencies in the main query definition database tables
    1. Activate all information objects that are not assigned with a green light.
    2. Then choose Extras -> Reorganize InfoObject tables to reorganize the InfoObject tables.
  5. Check inconsistencies with RSZ* Tables – Report ANALYZE_RSZ_TABLES is designed as a check-tool for detecting and solving different types of inconsistencies in the main query definition database tables
  6. Activate Info Objects – Run report RSDG_IOBJ_ACTIVATE to activate inactive info objects
  7. Clean/delete the messages for error –  Run report RSB_ANALYZE_ERRORLOG to analyse which DTPs have created how many single record error messages, and to how many requests these messages are distributed. Use the report RSBM_ERRORLOG_DELETE for single DTPs to delete the messages for requests up to a specified date
  8. Check Master Data consistency – Check the consistency of master data by executing report RSDMD_CHECKPRG_ALL. Execute in background (‘Execute in Background’) in order to avoid timeout.  If the report returns errors run the report again with the ‘Repair’ option flagged.

Time required for all these activities during the upgrade phase can be reduced by performing these well before the upgrade, regular housekeeping, run report RSUPGRCHECK, run SAP BW housekeeping task list.

Obsolete objects as of BW 7.4:

Obsolete Object Substitute in BW 7.4
Infospoke Open Hub Destination
Update Rules* Transformation
Transfer Rule* Transformation
3.x DataSource* 7.x DataSource
3.x data archiving 7.x data archiving
Composite Provider in Workbench (RSA1)** Composite Provider in HANA Stuido
Virtual Provider on 3.x Infosource Composite Provider
3.x Queries* 7.x Queries
3.x Workbooks 7.x Workbooks
3.x Web templates 7.x Web templates
3.x flows* 7.x flows
ABAPs using select statements **  (select * or select single *) Change using list of fields required.
Use of RSCHAVL data element  in ABAP statements ** Use ‘TYPE’ instead of ‘LIKE’

( * not obsolete but recommended to use in BW 7.4, **  only in case of BW on HANA)

This may not be an exhaustive list of obsolete objects with respect to BW on HANA and tries to cover few things, as my project was on non HANA environment. The enforcement of restriction is not because of the BW 7.4 powered by HANA; this is because of the decommissioning of support to the objects by SAP. It is recommended to use new objects as they provide more functions and better usability.By default, all these obsolete function are hidden. That means mostly 3.x functions in the context menu on the object trees in RSA1 and in other transaction are not available.

However, you can change this setting using tcode RSCUSTV32

List of tests to be performed:

  • Check basic
  • Check the source system connection
  • Check the consistency of the objects ( Multiprovider, Info cubes, DSO, Info set, Info objects, Transformations, Info source, Data source, DTP, Info package)
  • Check the Application server file path exist and test the data loads for the same
  • Execute and validate the reports before and after upgrade
  • Check the delta extraction
  • Check the data mart load
  • Run process chains
  • Run APD and validate the results before and after upgrade
  • Run the reports which has variable exits and check for its consistency before and after upgrade
  • Run the DTP loads which involves look ups to other DSO’s
  • Check RSKC before and after upgrade
  • Check the portal connection and run the reports and check for its consistency
  • Check currency conversion
  • Check UOM conversion
  • Create, save, use and delete Query variants
  • Create, save, use and delete ABAP program variants
  • Check display data functionality for each info providers types.
  • Create query, delete query.
  • Copy query and save in different roles, use and delete by assigning to different roles as per authorization
  • Check filters, exceptions, conditions, text variables, formula variables, totals on/off in queries.
  • Create workbook, save in different roles, use and delete by assigning to different roles as per authorization.
  • Check key user profiles for security and authorizations are working fine before and after upgrade


Notes Referred:

449160 – RSUPGRCHECK report

458363 – Prepare in upgrade: Inconsistent InfoObjects and InfoCubes

1829728 – BW Housekeeping Task List

1150724 Consolidated note on the check & repair reports for PSA

706478 – Preventing Basis tables from increasing considerably

1370848 – New Master Data Deletion – Information

706478 – Preventing Basis tables from increasing considerably

1634681 – Database migration: Report to find large row store tables (not available for 7.0x)

706478 – Preventing Basis tables from increasing considerably

1879618 – Pre-upgrade measures for upgrade/update to 7.4

458363 – Prepare in upgrade: Inconsistent InfoObjects + InfoCubes

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1880465 – SAP_BW_HOUSEKEEPING not terminating

1845061 – Background user has no authorization for scheduling

1935301 – SNOTE tries to download SAP note 0000000000

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