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Replication of Price Agreement from CRM to ERP



In this blog posting I would cover scenario of replicating price agreement from SAP CRM to ERP. Price Agreement is very vital of Sales Contract, which influence the further documents in ERP including Sales Order and Billing.


In this scenario we worked was one of difficult scenarios as condition types were created in ERP but Price Agreement (Condition Record) was created in CRM Sales Contract. In following sections I would write down necessary required steps.



Maintain Structure:


Append the structure CND_MAPT_ACS_REM_CUST with the Custom fields (Z) and the standard field which are not available in CRM field catalog. Here remember the field name and data element name should be same with ECC. Please check condition table, field names before appending.


Maintain Field Catalog

Maintain the added fields in field catalog, following is the path:


Maintain Custom Key Fields


Maintain all the Custom (Z field) field which are part of key combination of condition table, which is assigned to condition type. Following is the menu:


Here maintaining CRM_ITEM_GUID to an external field (fictitious) is must as ECC does not understand GUID. For example:

Conversion Direction Local Field External Field Conversion
B – Local CRM_ITEM_GUID ZZTESTPOSNR B-Convesio Routine



Initial Download of Condition Type:

Through transaction R3AS and objects DNL_CUST_CND, DNL_CUST_CNDALL all relevant customizing and condition types were loaded in CRM

Impement BADI:

  1. Implement BADI “/SAPCND/ROLLNAME” and put e_excuted to ‘X’ for following methods a. FIELD_CHECK b. ATTRIBUTE_CONVERSION c. F4_HELP

         It is required to give provision for the condition type to create Price Agreement in SAP CRM

    2. Implement BADI “CND_MAP_CNV_FIELD” with filter CRM_ITEM_GUID. In this implementation (Conversion Method) Item GUID must be properly divided to Document and Item Number combination, because in ECC GUID does not exist.

       Like as :  CONCATENATE lg_vbeln lg_posnr INTO ev_target_value.

Maintain Condition Types to Allow Price Agreement replication (ECC):

Maintain the relevant condition types in customizing which are used in Price Agreements. This customizing is done to allow the price agreement to be replicated into relevant ECC condition tables. With this entries ECC understand that data is coming from CRM and not created in ECC. Following is the path:


Change Logical System for maintain condition types (ECC):


The maintained conditions types when it is transported into target system, relevant logical systems should be changed through transaction BDLS:


The concerned table where information is stored is MNTCNT.



After all the steps are performed, create a price agreement with an Item of released status. Check the BDOC is green and there is no error. Check the relevant condition table in CRM for example CNCCRMPRCUS780 and correspoding ECC Table A780 for entries.

Also check Sales Contract Item in ECC that price agreement is displayed. If not, please check the check box “condition index” at condition type customizing.

Please feel free with your comment and suggestions. 🙂

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